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8 Best iPhone 11 Pro Anti-drop Phone Cases of 2020

Apple iPhone 11 is expensive and beautiful, and to maintain its beauty, proper care and safety are required. Therefore, we have carefully gathered a list of the 8 best iPhone 11 Pro phone cases of 2019 that will protect your premium device from dirt, accidental drops, and scratches. Best iPhone 11 Pro Anti-drop Phone Cases: ...
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Top 12 Most Popular Phones of 2019

The popularity of a smartphone can be a pointer to so many things. First, it could be that it is affordable and within the reach of the majority of people. Second, the phone may possess so many attractive features that everyone is craving to have it. Sometimes, it may just be the media hype around ...
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8 Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel 4/XL 2019

Google Pixel 4/XL is undoubtedly an expensive phone. And given the bucks you’ll have to shell out, it’s no brainer that you’ll want to protect it by all means. So, if you are looking to protect it against dust, breakage, scratches, and the like without hiding its details, then a clear case is all you ...
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[December 18th] ESR VIP FirstLook: Test New Products for FREE!

Hey ESR fans! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season of family, gifts, merriment, gifts, and gifts (did we mention gifts), and ‘is also the season for Round 6 of ESR FirstLook! Sign up now if you’d like us to be your not-so-secret Santa this year. Last round, 10 lucky fans were selected to ...
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The 7 Best iPhone 8 Plus/ 7 Plus Screen Protectors

iPhone 8 Plus comes with a remarkably large screen (5.5 inches) and shares the same outlook and size with iPhones 7 Plus. Given that the screen of most iPhones is one of the most delicate parts, you would want to protect yours from accidents. Some screen protectors are budget-friendly, while others are strong but expensive. ...
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The 8 Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases for Girl in 2020

No debate is intended here, but an iPhone 11 Pro in the hands of a girl will most likely look different than if it were a guy owing the same phone. Of course, the difference is not going to be the phone, but most probably in the look, style, and color of the case. Girls ...
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12 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone XS, XS Max, 11 and 11 Pro of 2020

If you wish to make your already beautiful iPhone more attractive, then you should use a Live wallpaper. These stunning live graphics will definitely make your iPhone stand out and impress your friends. Live wallpapers animate the screen with spectacular dynamic patterns, hypnotic time-lapse natural sceneries, powerful cosmic explosions and much more. The Apple Store ...
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10 iPhone XR Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

The buttonless iPhone XR is proof of Apple’s top-tier craftsmanship in the smartphone sphere. Besides, the phone is packed with stellar features that make it outshine most of its competitors. But what good is the iPhone XR if you can’t utilize it in the best way possible? Luckily, in this article, we will look at ...
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How to Find Lost Airpods Pro? (Step-by-Step Guide)

So, the unwanted has happened, and your Airpods Pro is missing? Relax. You may still be able to find them. In fact, the essence of this article is to walk you through the process of recovering your lost Airpods Pro. However, before the tips we are about to share can work for you, you need ...
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