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The 6 Best Iphone 8/7 Screen Protectors Of 2020

Iphones are expensive, especially when you are using some of the latest models like the iPhone 8 or 7. They are great in functionality but delicate in durability. An iPhone will never want to get his/her screen cracked or scratched. They love their phones more than themselves. This is why you need to get the ...
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8 Best iPhone 11 Pro Clear Cases of 2020

Have you ordered the iPhone 11 Pro? Then you are probably looking for a case to go with it. Something of superior quality that offers the much-needed protection for your phone without being overly bulky. There’s a myriad of great case designs in the market that come in glitter, fresh pop of colors and amazing ...
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Top 5 Tempered Glass iPhone X Screen Protectors In 2020!

The iPhone X is a phone with a beautiful feature like a bezel display in the glass. Even though Apple offers the most durable glass ever on iPhone but not made of magic, if you want to protect its display and keep crack- free, you should use a tempered glass screen protector. Tempered glass is ...
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Hey ESR fans! ‘Tis the season to save money! If you’re looking to get the perfect Christmas gift for that special person in your life (or yourself, because you’re a special person too), there’s no better time than now! From December 9th all the way to December 25th, you’ll be able to save big on ...
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8 Best iPhone XS Anti-Drop Phone Cases of 2020

Accidents happen, even when no one wishes they do. In your handling of your iPhone XS, the unwanted might happen, in which case, the device falls off your hand. If you have not properly shielded the phone from the possible results of such accidental drops, one single episode can leave permanent damage on it. Anti-drop ...
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Top 6 Pixel 4/XL Anti-Drop Phone Case, 100% Protection

Google Pixel 4XL is the latest launch from Google. It comes with all the specifications that Pixel 4 has and more. If you are planning or have already bought the phone, you are in for a great experience. Just like any other smartphone, even Pixel 4XL is a delicate phone. You are always carrying your ...
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