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Hey ESR fans! ‘Tis the season to save money! If you’re looking to get the perfect Christmas gift for that special person in your life (or yourself, because you’re a special person too), there’s no better time than now! From December 9th all the way to December 25th, you’ll be able to save big on ...
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New Mobile Phones Expected To Be Released In 2020

Introduction        2019 was a massive year for mobile phones. With so many big drops and so many technological advancements. If you found 2019 exciting, then wait till you see what 2020. The 2019 year has almost come to an end and so it is time to look at everything that went on this year ...
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The 5 Best Apple Black Friday Deals 2019: Find What You Need!

You will find that the Apple live sales for Black Friday are on, and they have some pretty amazing deals on the latest gadgets. Apple live sale is a rare event, and luckily anyone in the world can participate in it. You will find some of the most precious and awesomely cool Apple products in ...
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The 5 Best AirPods Pro Charging Cables/Charging Cords in 2019

Introduction Many people are of the opinion that all charging cables are the same. Well, they are most definitely not! Charging cables come in varying sizes, materials, qualities and power outputs. We have compiled a list of 5 cables that would be best suited for charging the newly released AirPods Pro. Things to Note: The ...
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Top 5 Black Friday 2019 Electronic Deals– Only For You!

The global giants of technology love to spread love in the festival season. And the festival time is in full swing now. Everyone is busy buying gifts that will change their relationships and lives. That is because the Black Friday deals have arrived. A deal that can transform anybody positively! In this post, I will ...
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What Should I Do If I Lost My AirPods Pro Or AirPods Pro Case?

To be frank, it can be hard to lose your AirPods Pro especially when they should either be in your ear or in your protective case. However, if you have lost your AirPods Pro earbuds/ AirPods Pro Carrying Case, then do not worry because we have your back. Before we tell you how to get ...
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The 4 Best Clear AirPods Pro Cases of 2019!

Have you bought the latest Apple AirPods Pro, the 3rd generation release? It is gaining popularity throughout the Apple community, and if you are one among them, we know you want to make it worth all the investment. You need to have a charging case that protects your premium range of Bluetooth devices. These AirPods ...
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