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Welcome to Gadget King Asia, the webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on displayed.
Should you require further assistance please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

The 5 Best AirPods Pro Charging Cables/Charging Cords in 2019


Many people are of the opinion that all charging cables are the same. Well, they are most definitely not! Charging cables come in varying sizes, materials, qualities and power outputs. We have compiled a list of 5 cables that would be best suited for charging the newly released AirPods Pro.

Things to Note:

The most important point to note is the lightning charging port. Traditional phone users tend to automatically think all mobile phone accessories are micro-USC cables. Well that is not quite the case with the AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro uses a lightning cable to charge the charging case which then charges the AirPods Pro ear buds. Also note that the AirPods Pro cover has wireless charging capabilities if you would prefer to do that. This guide is for those that prefer charging via a cable and what the best quality cables out there.


  • PD Fast Charging
  • Built-to-Last
  • MFi-Certified
  • Stable File Transfer
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This power packed cable is full of the best of capabilities you can find in a cable. In summary the main features are the PD fasting charging, MFi certification and braided nylon material. We will look at each of this features and what they mean.

PD Fast Charging – This quality applies to the charging cable and charger head. PD fast charging allows you to charge your AirPods Pro at some very impressive speeds. They charge an iPhone from 0 to 50% within 30 minutes but precise timings for AirPods Pro are unsure. Do note that before you buy your new cables they both need to be PD Fast Charging capable.

MFi Certification– To be ‘MFI-certified’ the cable would have to go through rigorous testing by Apple to ensure that the cable is perfectly compatible with their products.

Nylon Braid and Aluminum Casing– The charger provided by Apple themselves is made of a rubbery coating and tends to get frayed very easily. A nylon braid on the other had is very sturdy and does not get frayed! It allows the cable to be tangle free and thus ease of access is improved as well. The aluminum casing on the lightning connector also allows you to plug the cable in and out thousands of times!

There is a reason why this cable has made it to the top of our list of best cables for your AirPods Pro.

  • 36W PD Wall Charger + 3.3ft/1m MFi USB-C to Lightning PD Charging Cable(US Plug).
  • PD Wall Charge
  • Automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging output for your device.
  • Supports both PD and QC fast charging.
  • USB-C to Lightning Cable
  • MFi-certified, ensuring fast-charging compatibility for your Apple devices.
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If you want to go an extra step from the above cable, we would recommend getting the ESR Fast Charging Bundle. This bundle comes with cable above and also a wall charger. The 36W PD Wall Charger provides a very impressive power output and it also supports both PD and QC fast charging. It is also MFi certified like the cable above and works like a charm when paired together.

This Nomad cable’s most unique feature would be the Kevlar braids on the outside. There are 2 layers of Kevlar. The first is the outer layer that is braided Kevlar. The deeper layer is the Kevlar Central Core. This cable also come with a steep price tag. However, it may be justified by the 5 year warranty provided and durability of the wire. However, does your cable really need 2 layers of Kevlar protection? Kevlar is typically used in bullet proof vests and may be bit too much protection for a simple cable. Unless you plan on running your car over your cable, we would still recommend the ESR Cables. Nonetheless, the durability of this cable gives it a place on this list of best cables for your AirPods Pro.

The Satechi Cable is in many ways similar to our most recommended ESR Cable (above). However, this one comes at a slightly steeper price tag. The main reason for this is likely to be the difference in length. The ESR cable above is 1 meter while the Satechi Cable is 1.8m. Unless your nearest plug port is across your room, there is really no need for such a long cable. Both cables are tangle-free but a really long cable on the room floor may be unappealing. A 1.8m may also make in inconvenient when using a portable charger on the go. Just imagine how many times you may have to coil the cable around the portable charger before it fits in your pocket! However, the quality of this cable is still very impressive and would be very ideal for those looking for a particularly longer cable.

Anker has a very good reputation for manufacturing some impressive and innovative gadgets. They recently just dropped the Powerline+ II and also provides a lifetime warranty. The main feature of this cable is the bendability of the cable. The bend lifespan is supposedly 30,000 bends and that is quite impressive. Most cables tend to not last that long with daily use. Another nice feature would be the color options. The 2 options are black and red. The red one looks surprisingly stunning and maybe of interest to those of you looking for something different.


That summarizes our list of cables that we would highly recommend. These are certainly the best on the market. The cable provided by Apple is fairly basic and would get the job done. However, we would encourage getting a slightly more durable cable as they tend to last longer and can also charge your AirPods Pro faster.

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