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Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

The 4 Best Clear AirPods Pro Cases of 2019!

Have you bought the latest Apple AirPods Pro, the 3rd generation release? It is gaining popularity throughout the Apple community, and if you are one among them, we know you want to make it worth all the investment. You need to have a charging case that protects your premium range of Bluetooth devices.

These AirPods Pro are designed differently; therefore, it requires a unique-range of packing for itself. It requires an oblong-designed case, which means you wouldn’t be able to use the older version cases for this one. You will require new transparent AirPods Pro cases for this latest AirPods Pro.

Many options are available that claim to be the best clear AirPods Pro cases, these days. Analyze them; check the features and specifications, and customer reviews before buying the salient option for yourself. There are many color variants available, too, that can add glamour to your ensembles and lifestyle. You must choose the product that suits best to your requirements.

Top 4 Clear AirPods Pro Cases in 2019!

If you are confused about making an ideal purchase, your search ends here. We will help you through this buying process. We have selected the top 4 options that are high in demand, considering factors such as price, features, color variants, usability, and durability. Let’s have a look:

  1. ESR Air Ripple Series Shock-Resistant AirPods Pro Case

It is one of the most preferred options that will fit perfectly to your 3rd generation AirPods Pro Bluetooth headphones. Released in 2019, it is compatible the device and the charging case. It is manufactured using premium-quality material – Rippled TPU that is non-slippery, dust-resistant. It can protect your AirPods from falls and bumps.

Keep your original looks intact with this cover as it has a visible front LED that doesn’t affect charging either wireless or cabled. Its user-friendly, hinge-free design allows you to open the cover with ease and swiftness. It has a free carabineer and built-in keychain that makes it easy to carry. This stylish case is available in 3 color variants – clear, black, and dark green.

The company offers 24-months limited warranty on the product. The material is long-lasting, so you use it for long-term in a hassle-free way. It is an ideal purchasing option for those who wish to buy high-quality product within a set budget.

Our Ratings: 4.5 Stars 

Price: $10.99 USD

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  1. ESR Hybrid Series AirPods Pro Case with Carabiner

This new generation clear AirPods Pro case is an ideal fit that combines various features. Its hybrid protection features include shock absorption through its TPU frame and protection against scratches and wear-n-tear with its PC body. Black, blue, and dark green – these three colors are available in this product to choose from.

This hybrid case with carabiner is an ideal, budget-friendly option for long-standing use. It comes with a 24-month company warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked.)

This case has a matte-finish body that enhances the complete look-n-feel of the device. The material also keeps it free from unwanted fingerprint marks and gives it a comfortable grip. This version also has a hingeless, two-part design for easy and quick access to your headphones and pairing button. It is equipped with a carabiner and keychain, making you stress-free from the worry of losing the AirPods and case. It is all worth the purchase.

Our Ratings: 4 Stars

Price: $10.99 USD

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  1. Ellie E-Store AirPods Pro Carrying Case (2019)

This Air Ripple protective TPU carrying case for the latest 3rd generation AirPods Pro has an upgraded fit, which allows comfortable charging – wired and wireless. It is made of TPU premium quality material to keep your AirPod Pro dust-free, scratch-free, and shock-free. This case is available in three color variants – clear, gray, and blue.

This item is durable and easy to use; however, insufficient information is available regarding warranty and guarantee. You must contact the manufacturer directly for warranty information. The product can cost you a little more than the other available options in the market.

This case includes various other features such as visible front LED, No-hinge design, free carabineer, and built-in keychain. The LED keeps the headphone’s original look intact, and its status light visible. The No-hinge design allows you to access the Bluetooth headphones and pairing button quickly and easily. Nonetheless, the keychain and carabineer keeps you worry-free about losing your expensive investment.

Our Ratings: 3 Stars

Price: $13.99 USD

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  1. Mangix Cute, Clear AirPods Pro Cases

Are you in search of a cute-looking case for your new-bought AirPods Pro? Then, these transparent AirPods Pro cases will serve your purpose. It is a perfect gifting option for girls, women, and kids, being shock-proof and drop-proof. It is made of high-quality TPU material with a reserved port (for charging) and offers optimal compatibility for the 3rd generation AirPods Pro.

You can easily access all the device’s functions such as wired/wireless charging, sync, play, pause, and more. This item is sure to add life and colors to your lifestyle and AirPod experience; however, it is a bit highly priced.

This product is available on Amazon with a 30-day returns policy and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can install this case with your headphones using absorption technology. The silicon material inside the case keeps your AirPod safe and scratch-free; it promotes minimal loosening and deforming, keeping your purchase long-lasting for use.

Our Ratings: 3 Stars

Price: $12.99 USD

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Transparent AirPods Pro cases are an important addition when it comes to buying such an expensive Bluetooth device. You must keep it intact and protected for long-term use. We have reviewed the four best options of clear AirPods Pro cases to choose from; they are colorful variants with a wide range of features available.

 What are you waiting for? Choose wisely to add in fun experience for yourself!

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