The 6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Accessories Worth Buying in 2019

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If you just purchased the latest AirPods Pro, you are going to want to accessories it. The purpose of accessorizing is not just to show off. It is also to protect your AirPods Pro and increase their functionality. We have curated a list of 6 items with the goal of protecting your AirPods Pro while also making them even easier to use. We have also split into 4 categories for your ease!

  • Protective Cases

  1. Bounce Airpods Pro Carrying Case  $9.99

This ESR case is made from premium grade silicone and would protect your Airpods Pro drops and bumps. The silicone is also very thin and comes in various colors. Thus the design of your Airpods Pro case is enhanced while also protecting your Airpods Pro. This case also comes with a carabineer keychain to make it easier to latch onto. You can connect it to your jeans or your backpack! This way your Airpods Pro Carrying Case never goes missing.

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  1. Bounce Airpods Pro Carrying Case With Cute Animal Keychain  $12.99

This ESR case is similar in many ways to the one above. However, there is one distinct difference. This one comes with a really cute animal keychain at the end. Both cases also come with a built in dust plug to ensure convenient, unobstructed charging. There tends to be worry about the visibility of the LED light on the Airpods Pro Charging Case. There is no need to worry about that here because the case is specially designed to ensure that the light is still visible through a small cut out.

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  1. Metro Light Series Faux-Leather Airpods Pro Case $12.99

This one may be our favorite Airpods Pro Case ever. It has one of the classiest finishing materials and color combinations that we have seen on any device. This is topped up by the Gold ring to enhance security. You can attach the gold ring to you backpack or inside your handbag too. It features all the benefits of the above Airpods Pro Cases and comes with extra classy design. ESR definitely knows what they are doing!

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  • Airpords Pro Wireless Charger

  1. ESR Essential Wireless Charging Pad $18.99

There is only one wireless charger that I would recommend and that is the ESR Essential Wireless Charging Pad. This ultra slim wireless charger is perfect for your Airpods Pro and could also be useful with your other Qi-enabled devices. This is perfect for travelling because of its sleek nature. The LED-indicator also further enhances the design of the wireless charger. However, the LED does not stay on for long- so as to enable you to sleep without too much brightness.

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  • AirPods Pro Wall Chargers

  1. ESR 36W PD Wall Charger (2 USB-C Ports) (US Plug / UK Plug)

This wall charger features a fast charging feature that allows for 3 times faster charging that the original Apple 5V/1A power adapter! It also features smart device detection which allows the adapter to detect and recognize the attached device and alter its power output accordingly. Not just is this charger amazingly powerful, it is also extremely stylish. The sleek design looks perfect when charging your Airpods Pro. This would look even more stylish when paired with the Bounce Airpods Pro Carrying Case! It also comes with 2 USB-C ports so you can charge your iPhone 11 Pro Max while charging your Airpods Pro! Like I said above, increased efficiency is always important.

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  • Airpods Pro Charging Cable

  1. ESR 3.3ft/1m MFi USB-C to Lightning PD Charging Cable $16.99

The best companion to the Pro PD Wall Charger is the ESR MFi Charging Cable. This cable is MFi certified which means it is specifically approved by Apple to be compatible with its products! The cable also comes in 2 colors – Grey and Black.

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When it comes to getting accessories for the Airpods Pro, it is important to prioritize protection first. After that we would suggest getting accessories that improve performance like advanced chargers and cables. Finally, design should be catered to. This way your Airpods Pro will always be performing at its peak and will also look amazing- just the way it was meant to be!