The 8 Best iPhone XR Case Covers from ESR

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To many people, iPhone XR is an affordable premium handset by Apple. Of course, it is not difficult to understand the reason behind this public sentiment, when one considers its price compared to other Apple iPhones. The 64GB iPhone XR goes for $749 in most stores, while its 256GB model goes for $899 in the US. But, hey! $749 is about the living expense of a college student in a month. It’s surely a financial investment you don’t want to throw to the winds. Hence, the need to protect your iPhone XR by effectively “housing” it in an appropriate case cover. If that is what is on your mind, then it means our thoughts are similar. Check out our ESR list of best iPhone XR case covers you can order for your mobile device.

  1. iPhone XR Yippee Color Soft Case – $13.99

  • Exclusively designed for the iPhone XR
  • Stylish and Colorful
  • Premium Protection
  • Excellent Grip

If you are looking for a very compatible case for your iPhone XR, Yippee Color Soft Case presents itself as one. It has been specially built putting the unique curve edges and cutouts of iPhone XR into consideration. The different colors of this case further enhance the overall aesthetic look of your mobile device so that you can be proud of it. Furthermore, as a silicone-made case, it assures your phone of protection against damages from accidental drops and bumps. Although smooth and soft to touch, it isn’t slippery at all. Rather, get ready to own a scratch-resistant and effective iPhone XR case if you decide to settle for it.

  1. iPhone 11/XR Crown Metal Bumper Case – $13.99

  • Set Your iPhone Free
  • Dual Structure
  • Camera and Screen Protection
  • Edge Scratch Protection
  • Won’t Affect Signal Strength when using the iPhone 11/XR case

Unlike other iPhone cases that conceal the back of the mobile device, this Crown Bumper Case leaves you to flaunt your iPhone with pride. It is more like a metal frame with raised edges to ensure that the back, screen, side, and camera of your mobile device are safe from mechanical damage. So long as you continue to utilize this case, you can rest assured that your phone’s edges are secure from scratches. The metal frame is an alloy composing of inner TPU and an external Aluminum. It is this combination that further assures the safety of your device. Why not order for one now and carry your iPhone XR around with peace of mind?

  1. iPhone XR Kikko Slim Case – $11.99

  • Comfortable Grip
  • Air-Guard Corners
  • Screen and Camera Protection
  • Compatible with Wireless Charging

As you think about a compatible case that won’t constitute extra load to your iPhone XR, this Kikki Slim Case comes as an answer to your needs. It is so light that you don’t get to feel that you are adding extra material to your phone. Charge your iPhone wirelessly with this case on it, because it does support wireless charging. The camera, screen, and sides are safe from scratches, which normally happen when they make contact with flat surfaces. Good enough, you do not need any technical know-how to install or remove this case; it is pretty easy to install. Put an end to damages from drops and other means by going for this case.

  1. iPhone XR Makeup Glitter Case – $13.99

  • Glamorous Style
  • 3-Layer Feature
  • Screen and Camera Protection
  • Precise Cutouts
  • 180-Day Warranty

Get your iPhone XR glittering like gold with this glamorous case. Is it the sparkles you want to consider or the triple layers it has? This case is just one in a thousand. The first layer known as the Outer Shell is soft, while it’s center layer is Glitter Film. The inner layer or shell is made of Transparent Plastic PC. As you may expect, the case has been built to shield your iPhone XR from scratches, falls, and drops. It achieves this with its edges that are raised, to protect both the screen and camera from unguarded contact with surfaces. ESR places a warranty of 6 months on it, within which you can return it should any technical fault arise. Of course, this tells a lot about the confidence the manufacturer has in it. Get this case and charge your iPhone XR wirelessly and effortlessly.

  1. iPhone XR Full Coverage Protection Bundle – $28.88

  • Full-coverage protection: iPhone XR Tempered-Glass Case + 3D Full-Coverage Tempered-Glass Screen Protector X2
  • Edge-to-edge phone protection
  • 9H tempered glass helps to absorb impact
  • Easy to install and remove

Considering the full protection that this case offers your iPhone XR, the price is more than justified. You get two 3D Glass-Tempered Screen Cover that is 9H, and which does not only protect your device screen but also adds some levels of beauty to it. Because the glass cover is 3D, no one will even notice it as an extra addition to your phone. Plus, this case protects by cushioning the negative effects that rough impacts are capable of causing your iPhone. With all the packages that it presents, you don’t need external help to remove or install it. You can easily do that yourself. Why not spare the extra bucks to give your precious mobile all-round protection by going for this ESR case? It’s an investment you won’t regret

  1. iPhone XR Mimic Tempered Glass Case $18.88

  • 9H Tempered Glass Back
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Shock-Resistant

The tempered glass at the back of this case is 9H, and it has a TPU frame that is soft to guarantee protection from all angles. Beyond protecting the iPhone XR, this case allows you to showcase the beauty of your device because it takes up the natural color and beauty of the iPhone XR. Make your iPhone XR very safe from shock, falls, and other damages by using this case. Its edges are particularly raised to ensure safety from scratches and falls.

  1. iPhone XR Metro Wallet Case – $17.99

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Back Card-Slot Design
  • Durable Protection
  • Slim and Light

How about having an iPhone case that can also serve as a wallet? That would be fantastic, you’d say. Yes, it is. There is a card slot at the back where you can keep your credit card or some loose cash. Stay unique and protect your iPhone XR in style with the excellent PU leather and fine cloth material that this case is made from. You can ditch those impact damages such as bumps, scratches, falls, etc. with this case because the inner part made of soft material takes care of these exigencies. All of these are at no significant weight addition, as this case is only 0.96 ounces in weight.

  1. iPhone XR Yippee Color Porous Case – $13.99

  • Exclusively designed for the iPhone XR
  • Stylish and Colorful
  • Premium Protection
  • Excellent Grip

The porosity of this case makes it faster at dissipating whatever heat might be generated either through handling or when using the phone. It is one of the exclusive cases that is made for the iPhone XR; hence, its perfect compatibility. Take your phone out without worries as the colorful and stylish make of this case is ever set to make your day great. And to reduce business, the case has been superbly slim-fitted and extremely lightweight. It also takes care of all the protection that your device needs, courtesy of its combined PC and silicone material makeup. At $13.99, you might as well consider it a gift from ESR.


Now that you have an overview of our ESR case cover for iPhone XR, which of them are you rooting for? No doubt, all are good at protecting your iPhone, but your choice will depend on your budget and some other preferences. So, let your gut guide your choice. But be aware that a dollar or two by which some of these cases differ is a little compared to how much they differ in function.