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Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

10 Most Useful Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends That They Really Need (2019)

Christmas is right around the corner and that means that this is the season of giving. Boyfriends can be really difficult to get gifts for. They are not very picky but it can also be very hard to please them. Thus, we have compiled a list of best and most useful gifts your boyfriend that you should really get!

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  1. Mobile Phone Game Controller  Price: $15.99

There is a very high chance your boyfriend is a very avid mobile gamer- even if you haven’t realized it. The best gift to give an avid mobile gamer is this Mobile Phone Game Controller! This Mobile Phone Game Controller is the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend because of how versatile it can be. The arms of the controller are extendable and this means that can be used with any phone regardless of phone size! The Mobile Phone Game Controller has a very impressive range of features as well. The ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to grip and then thin edges mean that your screen is not blocked at all! This controller also works for both android and iOS phones.


Amazing product other then the analog stick y’all should just get rid of that because it doesn’t work as it should but the controller and triggers are ******* great. The triggers have to be a little worn in for them to actually work correctly but other then that the triggers are the only ones worth getting the others just don’t correspond right

  1. Dual Driver Bluetooth Earphones Price: $35.99

A pair of Bluetooth earphones has long been one of the best gifts for Christmas. Among the best of Bluetooth earphones on the market is the Dual Driver Bluetooth Earphones by ESR. This pair of Bluetooth earphones is the best for some very simple reasons. The most important one is the impressive battery life. The earphones fully recharge within 1.5 hours and last up to 7 hours. Another key feature would be the comfort and secure fit. These earphones are a product of very extensive research and have been made to ensure that you get the best fit possible.


I’ve had other Bluetooth earbuds that don’t fit right and keep falling out or coming apart easily. These are very well made and fit perfectly in the ear without too much pressure. Sound quality is good with good bass. The battery last a very long time and they charge relatively quickly.

  1. Essential Wireless Charging Pad (10W/7.5W/5W) Price: $18.99

Most guys tend to stay up to date on the latest mobile phones and thus, their phones would likely be compatible with wireless charging. The Essential Wireless Charging Pad is the sleekest and most elegant wireless charger you will find anywhere. The charger is very light and user friendly as well!


The quickness of connection to the device is ideal for what I’m using it for and that is at my desk. Having the size of the device to how it is, is perfect for the space I have. The charger feels study and durable and is now a common feature on my desk. I have since bought another one for my dad as it is easy to use and quite a remarkable peace of technology

  1. Gravity Car Phone Holder Price: $25.99

One of men’s favorite gadgets is definitely the car phone holder. The Gravity Car Phone Holder is one of the most advanced on the market. The main reason for this is the fact that it does not use the traditional magnetic plates to hold you phone. This special car holder uses gravity instead. This means that there is no metal involved and thus features like wireless charging and GPS navigation would not be affected in any way!

D. Hulse  

This was the perfect answer to my problem of what to do with my phone when driving. I did not want something stuck to my windshield. Dash mounts obstructed my view. I tried other vent mounts that proved to be difficult to get phone in/out of. This is definitely a one handed operation. They warn you that it is limited in the thickness of phone and case, which is true. However, I expanded the grippers slightly with pliers to allow my phone to fit perfectly. Fits on vent snugly.

  1. iPhone Yippee Color Soft Case Price: $13.99

This gift idea is for boyfriends who have phone models that are compatible with the list below. The Yippee Color Soft Case is the best phone case you can get for your boyfriend. It comes in 6 different colors and can suit any of your boyfriend’s needs! This case also protects the iPhone’s screen and camera. Be sure to check if there is a Yippee Color Soft Case that is compatible with your boyfriend’s iPhone model!

Compatible models: iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone XS/XS Max/XR

Jason S  

The top and sides of this case are great; they are rigid and the phone feels secure. The bottom/speaker end is very flimsy and does not seems to offer much protection. Overall, the case is soft and comfortable with no sharp edges.

  1. iPad Urban Premium Folio Case Price: $17.99

This is another case that would be perfect for your boyfriend’s iPad. The Urban Premium Folio Case is a very elegant case that projects a very simple yet sophisticated image. The case is perfect for watching movies because it can stand on 2 non-slip surfaces horizontally. This case would also be very useful if your boyfriend likes to play platform games! The case comes in 4 colors and is the perfect case to protect and enhance the functionality of your boyfriend’s iPad.

Compatible models: iPad 10.2 2019, iPad Air 10.5 2019/Air 2, iPad Pro 10.5/Pro 11, iPad mini 5/4/3/2/1, iPad 9.7/2/3/4


As advertised! Works well , looks good and light weight.

  1. Flexible Phone Stand Price: $18.99

The ESR Flexible phone stand is the perfect Christmas gift for you boyfriend’s especially if he spends a lot of time at his work desk. This stand does not have a specific purpose and can be used to watch shows or make hands free gaming even better. The stand comes in two colors and is made of very secure aircraft-grade aluminum.

Whiskey A.  

I primarily use it to watch videos when laying in bed. It holds up my NOTE phone very well. Has a study little gooseneck which can be adjusted to whichever position you need. The clamp attaches to my bedside and it hasn’t had any issues yet. I have also used it once in the car to prop my the phone for my son to view. Great value for money and I would recommend it.

  1. VOKKA Sports Water Bottle Price: $19.99

If your boyfriend is the sporty jock type then he is going to love the VOKKA Sports Water Bottle. This is one of the most advanced water bottles you will find as it comes with a hydration tracker and a very secure locking latch. Hydration is very important for any athlete and this bottle allows your boyfriends to ensure that his hydration is always on point.

Ari Salomon  

Really like the size of the bottle. It’s pretty big but easy to hold with one hand, plus there’s a great carrying strap. The plastic has a nice matte feeling to it, and the textured indents provide a good place to hold the bottle. The lid is super tight and can be locked, and won’t pop open even if the bottle gets knocked over. Haven’t found anything to complain about yet.

  1. VOKKA Handheld Flashlight

Another important accessory for sporty and adventurous boyfriends is the VOKKA Handheld Flashlight. This small flashlight would fit anywhere and is the perfect tool for hiking or other outdoor activities. The tactical head also makes it perfect for use in emergency situations that require glass breaking. The flashlight is made of very high quality and is also waterproof.

Matt C.  

this thing is a tank. it’s been dropped, dunked, tossed, left outside, it just keeps going! battery life is great and it is crazy bright. it’s my go to for my EDC flashlight because I know when I need it, it flat gonna work!

  1. Running Belt Waist Pack

The last item on this list is also for the sporty boyfriends. This Running Belt Waist Pack is perfect if your boyfriend likes to go on jogs or morning walks. The comfortable material means that your boyfriend will have a total hands free jogging session. The Waist pack has enough space to store a mobile phone so he can continue to listen to music while going on his runs.

Heather Knapp  

I ordered a medium so my husband could use this if he wanted to. Based on how the medium fits me I think a small would have be very tight. I’m 5’2″ and weigh 113 pounds. I think this works well. I like how the pockets appear small and stretch to fit your phone. Makes getting things in and out trickier, but lays close to your body which is safer and looks a bit nicer than a larger fanny pack.


Our Recommendation

Having browsed all the possible gifts, we have a simple recommendation that will win your boyfriends heart. We would recommend getting the above as a set depending on your boyfriend’s hobbies. To make it easier, we have examples for you.

  • Gamer Boyfriend: If you boyfriend is an avid mobile gamer, we would recommend the mobile phone game controller, Dual Driver Bluetooth Earphones and the Yippee Color Soft Case for a nice grip while playing.
  • Sporty Boyfriend: In the event that your boyfriend likes doing athletic activities, we would suggest the Dual Driver Bluetooth Earphones, VOKKA sports water bottle, and the running belt waist pack. If he is a diver or a hiker then we would suggest the VOKKA flash light above with the rest as a Christmas gift.
  • Musical Boyfriend: If your boyfriend is Mozart in the making and likes his musical instruments, we would suggest the Dual Driver Bluetooth Earphones and the Phone stand.

It is unlikely that your boyfriend would fall far from one of the categories so this would be a pretty good place to start. That concludes our list of best gifts for your boyfriends this Christmas. All the best looking for your perfect gift and Merry Christmas!

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