The 5 Best iPhone XR Slim/Thin Cases From ESR

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So you have bought a new iPhone XR and now looking for a slim case for its protection. In that case, you have come to the right place. We have listed some of the best ESR cases for your iPhone XR that you can use. You can go through the details below to choose the one that better meets your requirements.

  1. iPhone XR Essential Slim Clear Soft TPU Case– $10.99 to $12.99

  • Compatible with the 6.1″ iPhone XR
  • The case is Only 1mm thick
  • Soft TPU with Air-Guard Corner Design
  • Screen and Camera Protection
  • Prevents Clinging

This slim case is made for iPhone XR to protect it from scratches. It is one of the lightest iPhone XR cases you will find. It is only 1mm thick and thus, it will not bulk your phone. It is made from imported TPU from Germany to provide you the best. The case ensures anti-yellowing and HD clarity.

This case is designed to protect and keep your precious phone scratch-free. It comes with an air-guard corner design that protects your phone from bumps and drops.

It also protects your phone camera and screen with its raised edges. Also, it prevents the clinging ‘wet look’ with its microdot patterning design.

  1. iPhone XR Yippee Colour Soft Case– $13.99

  • Exclusively designed for the iPhone XR
  • Stylish and Colorful
  • Premium Protection
  • Excellent Grip

If you are looking for a durable case to protect your iPhone XR then this cover will suit you well. With its colorful and stylish look, it makes your phone look good on any occasion. Unlike other soft cases, it not dull and boring.

Its lightweight design makes it easier for you to carry and use it. Since the case is made ultra-thin, it doesn’t add bulk to your phone. With the use of this cover, you can get premium protection for your phone.

The case is made with high-quality silicone to make it more durable. With this case, you don’t have to worry even when you drop your phone accidentally. It also offers you an excellent grip and a scratch-resistant surface. It not only looks good but also feels good to use.

  1. iPhone XR Marble Slim Hard Back Case– $10.99

  • For the 6.1-inch iPhone XR.
  • Hybrid Protection
  • Screen and Camera Protection
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Easy access to ports, speakers, and buttons.

For anyone who is looking for an attractive case for their, iPhone XR can check out this product. Designed exclusively for iPhone XR, it provides you an excellent fit. The best thing about the case is that it doesn’t bulk up your phone like other hard cases.

With hard PC back, it provides premium protection to your phone. It is made with flexible TPU which allows you to take it off and on easily. With this case, you can stay completely stress-free about the safety of your phone.

It is designed with raised edges to protect your phone camera and screen from getting scratches. So even when you are carrying it in your purse or bag, you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched by other items in your bag.

It offers you a scratch-resistant surface and smooth finish. This allows you to get a better grip. It has easy access to speakers, ports, and buttons as well. The case is available in two variants including green and pink.

  1. iPhone XR Marble Slim Soft Case– $12.99

  • Thin: The iPhone XR case is only 1mm thick
  • Excellent Grip
  • Flexible TPU
  • Screen and Camera Protection
  • Precise Cutouts

Unlike other iPhone cases, this is not heavy or bulky. This is one of the most lightweight cases you will find. This allows for greater portability. The case is just 1 mm thick means it won’t bulk up your phone.

You can get a good grip on this case. That’s because it comes with a scratch-resistant and smooth surface. But it is not slippery. Made with flexible TPU, it makes it easier for you to install and remove it.

For the protection of the phone screen and camera, it has raised edges. So even when you rub your phone on flat surfaces, your screen and camera will stay safe. It is because of these features that users love this iPhone XR case.

The case is also designed with precise cut-outs which allows you to easily access the charging port and speakers of your phone without having to remove the cover.

  1. iPhone XR Mimic Tempered Glass Case– $18.99

  • 9H Tempered Glass Back
  • Keep the Original Beauty of the iPhone XR
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Shock-Resistant

Constructed of 9H tempered glass +, this is one of the best iPhone XR cases you will get. The soft TPU frame offers comprehensive protection to your phone.

The best thing about the case is that it mimics the smooth back surface of your iPhone XR. This not only makes your phone look attractive but also allows you to get a better grip.

The 9H tempered glass back is tough enough to stand bumps and drops. The case is also made shock resistant. With this case, you can get complete protection for your phone XR.

If you bought an expensive phone, you need to spend a few extra bucks to find a durable case for it. This is needed for the protection of your phone in everyday life. All these cases are designed to provide premium protection. You can choose any of the models you want.