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Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases: A 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Samsung has outdone itself with the gorgeous new Samsung Galaxy S10. A head-turner of a phone with its slim profile, stunning infinity display, and cutting-edge features, the $900 Galaxy S10 lives up to the hype. Now that you’ve pulled the trigger on your beautiful (expensive) new phone, you’ll no doubt be eager to start using it right away.

Even with the latest Gorilla Glass 6 front and rear panels and a preinstalled screen protector however, the S10 is still not quite indestructible. Drop tests have shown that the S10 is still very susceptible to cracks, and accidental drops can easily damage the phone. With the new built-in ultrasonic fingerprint display, the Galaxy S10 screen will be costly to replace once broken. Going “naked” with the S10 is not for the fainthearted. Or those who like keeping their S10 looking new as the day they got it. If you’re a regular user like us, the wisest thing you can do right is to invest in a reliable phone case for your new S10 that will save you the future heartache.

That said, there are tons of phone cases out there to choose from and you’re probably spoilt for choice. Here at ESR, we have experience producing value-for-money phone cases that are tough, durable and stylish. We have narrowed down the five best cases from our lineup for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10. We’ve chosen cases in different styles with different types of protection based on your needs. The cases provide full protection for the S10, precise cutouts for the camera and ports, and fully cover all buttons while keeping them easily accessible. All the cases below support wireless charging of the S10 without having to remove the cover.

Minimalist luxury: Galaxy S10 Yippee Soft Case

A case that is thin, light, and soft-lined? You got it. The exterior of the Yippee Soft Case is designed with a combination of polycarbonate (plastic) and silicone, so it can protect your phone from bumps and moderate drops. The case is slim and adds minimal bulk to your Galaxy S10. The hidden surprise in this case? The soft microfiber that lines its interior. The microfiber lining lends a touch of luxury to the case while preventing scratches to the gorgeous rear glass panel of the S10. The smooth rubberized exterior is resistant to fingerprints and smudges, and has a quality texture that feels as good as it looks. This case is anti-slip, comfortable to grip, and comes in two youthful colors: gray and purple. If you are a chic young professional looking for an inexpensive and lightweight case for your S10, you might want to check this one out.

Rugged all-round protection: Galaxy S10 Plus Essential Guard Clear Case

At 1mm thick and weighing in at only 18g, the Galaxy S10 Plus Essential Guard Clear Case is a slim TPU case designed for one purpose: keeping your S10 safe without adding unnecessary heft. The four corners of the case are reinforced with shock-absorbing dual-layer Air-Guard corners that can protect your S10 from an 8-foot drop. The Air Guard bumpers dampen the impact from drops and falls, making the Essential Guard Clear Case the most protective of our Samsung Galaxy S10 line. The unique design means you have less to worry about while on the go. The case also has raised edges around the camera and screen to make sure they don’t become scratched up by your keys or other sharp objects in your pocket. The Essential Guard case is transparent so you can show off the vibrant colors of your S10 while keeping it safe. The fingerprint-resistant surface keeps your S10 looking new and clean even after long periods of use.

Get a grip: Galaxy S10 Machina Flex Case

The Galaxy S10 Machina Flex Case is a minimalist TPU case with a textured non-slip surface for superior grip. Designed for the urban professional, this is the case of choice for users seeking a sleek, stylish cover that also provides solid protection. This case has raised edges around the camera and screen to protect your phone against scratches when placed on a flat surface or when kept with other sharp objects. The micro-groove pattern on the exterior of the cover ensures that the case is not slippery, and makes it easy for you to hold on to your S10 while you quickly type out that message or business email.

All natural: Galaxy S10 Mimic Tempered Glass Case

A hybrid case with a tempered glass rear panel and a flexible TPU frame around the edges, this case mimics the smooth glass back panel of your Galaxy S10. The clear tempered glass panel has a 9H hardness rating, offering robust everyday protection from nicks and scrapes, while still allowing you to flaunt the original color of your S10. Another advantage of a tempered glass rear panel is that unlike full TPU cases, the glass will not turn yellow or undergo discoloration after a period of use, keeping your S10 looking fresh all the time. The soft TPU protection around the edges is better able to absorb shocks and bumps, offering extra protection for your phone’s glass back panel. This case is elegant, lightweight, and compatible with wireless charging.

Not just a case: Galaxy S10 Metal Kickstand Case

If you frequently read or watch videos on your phone, this is the case for you. The Galaxy S10 Metal Kickstand Case comes with an integrated two-way stand for vertical and horizontal viewing. The metal stand is sturdy and stable when in use, and sits flush with the case when retracted. The stand can also be adjusted for multiple viewing angles so you can read, take video calls, or watch movies comfortably. The soft TPU material provides better protection for the rear glass panel of your S10 compared to regular plastic cases. Raised edges around the screen and camera offer extra protection from scratches, giving you greater peace of mind. The Galaxy S10 Metal Kickstand Case comes in two discreet colors: clear and black.

Final thoughts

You wouldn’t travel without insurance, so why take the risk with your brand-new phone? A sturdy, reliable S10 case doesn’t have to burn a hole through your pocket, and will save you money and lots of grief down the road. Trust us, we’ve all been there. Take your time to research the type of phone cover that best suits your style, so you can make the best investment for your new S10.

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