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Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

Best 8 Cute Airpods 3 Cases/Covers

Airpods are that wonderful innovation by apple that has helped many of us to get rid of getting tangled in untangling the wired earphones but now, when you do not use earphone but airpods, there this new problem arises. Where to keep these airpods safe? These two little ear-hooks like sound buddies deserve a safe place anyway. So, here we have listed 8 best airpods 3 case cover below which are of above than average quality and efficient to not ruin your style.

1. Bounce airpods 3 carrying case

These bounce airpods 3 cases are to provide your airpods solid protection indeed as they are made with premium silicone which will not let bumps drops touch your airpods and the pairing button in any case. The top lid of this case opens completely to give you easy access to your airpods also it fits completely with the charging pin. The keychain design allows you to keep your airpods held by your belt holder, with which you will always find your airpods right at your waist and in addition to that, there is a built-in dustproof plug that will keep the charging port neat and clean when not in use.

  • Made with premium silicone; this cover helps protect your AirPods case (2019 Release) from bumps and drops without adding additional bulk.
  • Visible Front LED: Won’t affect wireless charging. A small section of the cover has been specially designed to allow your case’s status light to shine through.
  • Easy to Carry: The keychain design and free carabiner make carrying your charging case easier than ever. You’ll never have to worry about losing your AirPods again.

2. Breeze plus airpods 3 cover

This is one of the cute airpod 3 cover cases available at ESR. It is soft in texture due to its rubber layer on the outside but it has silicone material on its inner layer. So, the required protection is provided to your airpods surely. These cases can be kept anywhere, in your pocket, purse and even pencil case, in case you are a student. It also has an LED light on its front to show its battery status clearly to you for further use. A piece of this pattern is available in single color, it is best if you want to keep it simple and sober. Once, you shop these airpods 3 case covers, then you don’t have to look anywhere for other case cover. So, here your airpods 3 case cover is just a click away.

  •  Like a second skin for your AirPods charging case (2019 Release). This ultra-thin silicone cover’s hingeless, two-part design allows your case to open completely, providing quick and easy access to your AirPods and the pairing button.
  • [Visible Front LED]: This 0.8 mm thick cover won’t affect wireless charging and is thin enough for your case’s status light to shine through.

3. Daily objects

Daily objects have all the colors available that you would like to see on your airpods. They have both rubber coverings and leather coverings for the outer layers of cases, the inside made of proper silicone which is the best protection material for airpods inside the case cover. They keep a vast variety, so, you can check this site out from above hyperlink itself. Also, on an important note Daily Objects do not compromise with quality therefore if you order anything from here high quality is assured.

4. ZeraCustoms

ZeraCustoms keep not only have the cases with good quality but also with cool designs. They have printed cases, to add up a little style. They have plenty of them you may pick any of those that you like and do your airpods justice. They have floral prints, the meme cat, text prints, so, hurry up as you are supposed to choose from thousands of them therefore it will consume time.  The plus point of shopping from ZeraCustoms is that the quality that they offer is one in a kind.

5. Hanging owl

A great fan of any of the Disney hero or love any famous quote or maybe you would like to keep it all a little simple with rubber or leather covering on your airpods? In any of these cases hanging owl is literally your dream catcher. They have already got it all sorted for you also they are not any less in providing with the best quality on their products with the fastest delivery at your doorstep. Do check hanging owl as they are really impressive.

6. hiconsumption

Hiconsumption keeps everything you will need for the look of your airpods. They already got it all sorted for you. From rubber covering to leather, patterns in all shapes and colors are available here. Also, they have a promising quality so that is for sure that you won’t be disappointed after the products are delivered to you. So, do check out hiconsumption for your new airpod 3 cases.

7. Refinery29

The airpods 3 case cover collection at refinery29 is so cute that even you will be left in awe and smiles for once if you visit and see the unique patterns and designs in various shades available there. It is your one stop shop for the cutest airpods 3 case cover you need. Refinery 29 never lets their customers down about the quality they provide, no matter what. So, what are you waiting for? Go visit refinery29 and do your airpods 3 justices through the hyperlink given above.

8. Techno Buffalo

At the above mentioned site techno buffalo, all kind of airpods 3 cases are available to suit you according to your wish. They already have whatever you have in your mind regarding your airpods. Here, airpods are available in all combinations of patterns and colors from which you may pick anyone that you think is best. They also have a very trusted quality. They also have detailed description of each and every type about what makes those cases so special. So c’mon don’t waste time and get your hands on the best stuff.

Final word

Gone are the days when we all used to trifle our fingers with irritating tangled earphones. In today’s world we have airpods, and 2019 edition also known as airpods 3 give a better and clear sound quality. The world is changing and so should you. Now these little digitally working audio based sound buddies of yours need protection from basically everything that can crush them. And for that, your pockets might not help as it used to in case of earphones for airpods we have special kind of case covers regarding which the above list is we have provided you a list of best 8 cute airpods 3 case covers which might help you put your airpods 3 in right case covers.

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