We Are Powering VAVA’s New Home Security Camera

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Update: The Home Cam is now live on Kickstarter and is fully funded. You can still reserve one right here
No longer a thing of the future, millions of people embrace smart homes and smart living. From comfort, convenience, energy savings, and security, smart homes are making life better whether you’re in your home or not. No stranger to smart homes ourselves, we’re excited to share something we’ve been working on with our sister company, VAVA, in order to take modern living to the next level.

VAVA's Home Cam with a RAVPower Solar Charger stationed on a tree in a green garden

RAVPower Meets VAVA’s Home Cam

The VAVA Home Cam provides wire-free, hassle-free, and worry-free security that every homeowner can rely on to keep themselves, their belongings, and their home safe. Best of all, we’ve worked directly with the VAVA team to ensure this smart security camera can really last. Fitted with a specially designed RAVPower lithium-ion battery for greater efficiency, the camera will conserve battery power when in standby mode, up to 60% less energy consumption. The result is 365 days of performance on a single charge. We’ve also included an optional solar charger to stay fully charged, saving you from ever recharging. By pairing our industry leading batteries with VAVA’s penchant for stylish, elegant design, we’ve ensured there’s always enough power to accompany VAVA’s vision of a smarter and safer future.

VAVA Home Cam Positioned On A Desk Next To A Lamp, Books, and a Teddy Bear

Who Is VAVA?

VAVA is on a mission to make life simple for everyone with smarter products that just works.  It believes that the best products stand out by blending in – and are simple to use, thoughtfully designed, of the highest quality, and guaranteed to be worry-free.  They take the hassle of choosing products to give you more time to focus on moments that matter the most to you. #LifeMadeSimple

When it comes to the new Home Cam, VAVA has spared no expense. From conducting user surveys and talking to homeowners to continual product testing, VAVA has engineered a home security camera that favors simplicity and seamless design while keeping functions users want without compromising affordability. 

The VAVA Home Cam sits on a fence in garden to watch for any intruders


In addition to working directly with us to ensure the camera has a long lasting battery that can go the distance, the VAVA Home Cam features the following:

  • Hassle-free, wireless set up
  • Built-in alarm and two-way audio
  • Three levels of motion detection sensitivity for more accurate alerts
  • 1080p HD quality recording, both day and night, with 23-foot night vision range
  • 140-degree angle lens for maximum coverage
  • IP66 weather-resistant rating to endure wind, rain, sun and snow
  • Support for up to 128GB local microSD card storage
  • Encrypted local storage with NAS/RTSP support available
  • 24-hour dedicated customer support team
  • Industry-leading 24 months warranty guarantee

Best of all, the camera’s built-in encrypted local storage requires no monthly fees ensuring that homeowners have access to video recordings anytime, anywhere via the iOS or Android mobile app.

With a built in alarm and two way audio the VAVA Home Cam meets the needs of consumers while keeping stylish design

Protecting Your Home with the VAVA Home Cam

No stranger to crowdfunding after having successfully raised over $600,000 and successfully delivered all 3000+ backer orders for their VAVA Car Dash Cam, VAVA is again turning to the public to make their new camera a reality. To support VAVA and get their Home Cam, visit http://homecam.vava.com to reserve your security cam. We’re certainly excited to be working with VAVA on this project and wish them the best of luck.

The post We Are Powering VAVA’s New Home Security Camera appeared first on RAVPower.