Survive Off The Grid with a Portable Solar Panel

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It’s a holiday weekend and your friends or family have decided it’s time to get away from it all. Wrangling you into their plans, they’ve chosen to go camping, where there’s no running water, let alone power outlets. But having devices charged is essential, especially for emergency situations, navigation, and keeping the good times rolling. And if you’re planning on going for longer than a few days, being able to recharge power banks and batteries is even more important. The solution to all this is a portable solar panel!

Staying Connected with the Sun and a Portable Solar Panel!

When we think of solar panels, we normally have an image in our heads of vast fields of shiny rectangles that aren’t particularly useful for a weekend of camping. But innovators have taken all that technology and squeezed it down into an incredibly small size, using a foldable design, energy efficient panels, and hardy materials. A portable solar panel works pretty much the same way: it collects energy from sunlight and converts it into electricity, which is either stored in a power bank attached to the panel or transferred directly to a connected device.


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Original photo by ysimonx with our portable solar panel. Follow his Instagram.

When on the lookout for a portable solar panel to bring camping, you should keep in mind a few things.

  1. First is energy conversion, which determines how much energy is converted into electricity. This ultimately affects the time it takes to complete a recharge. Leading portable solar panels have incredible efficiency ratings at 21.5% to 23.5%, meaning devices are charged in a flash.
  2. If it includes software that allows for optimization of charging. That technology allows voltage to be regulated, so as to ensure your device gets the optimal charge at just the right time.
  3. If it includes no-tear hooks. This allows them to hang from packs, tents, or trees, so you can perfectly position them in the direction of the sun at any time of the day.
  4. Finally, a portable solar panel has to be robust and durable; not only should it be able to take plenty of bumps in the road, but it must be fully waterproof!


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Original photo by hagi0327 with our portable solar panel. Follow her Instagram.

Help The Environment with a Portable Solar Panel

As lovers of nature, we campers and hikers just can’t get enough of it. Pristine wilderness is one of the great wonders of our planet. But more and more, we arrive at campsites only to find litter, trash, and discarded items like single-use batteries. Not only do these leech chemicals into the ground, but they can be a severe health hazard to wildlife! If we want to keep nature as a place of escape from the city for generations to come, we as a society need to do better in managing how much we leave behind when camping.

Part of that can come from using a portable solar panel, combined with rechargeable batteries. Power up your devices from anywhere, anytime, without the muss and fuss of searching out a new battery from the depths of your enormous pack. Not only is a portable solar panel more efficient and less irritating than non-rechargeable options, but you’re doing the planet a favor at the same time. Little habit changes like this matter. They compound and build until everyone is doing the same. Choose to make that difference and use a portable solar panel or solar power bank.


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Original photo by 1the_wolf with our portable solar panel. Follow his Instagram.

RAVPower has listened to campers and hikers to design what we believe to be a series of solar charging tools chock full of all the must-have features for use in the outdoors. All of our 16W foldout solar panels and our 24W foldout solar panels charge with exceptional efficiency through the use of iSmart technology. This makes them the perfect technology companion when exploring national parks, the backwoods, and everything in between.

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How do you keep your devices charged when hiking or camping? Tell us in the comments below!

The post Survive Off The Grid with a Portable Solar Panel appeared first on RAVPower.