A Power Bank Guide for Charging Your Nintendo Switch

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In 2017, Nintendo introduced its latest and greatest gaming system, the Switch. What has fans and gamers excited worldwide is the Switch’s unique versatility. Like most other consoles, when at home, you can play the Switch in full, beautiful high definition on your own television. But where Nintendo has the rest of the competition beat is in portability: when it’s time to head out, you can bring the Switch with you and keep playing the Legend of Zelda, Mario, or Splatoon 2 on the go!

The challenge, as is the case with pretty much every portable device, is battery life. According to both Nintendo and independent testing, you can expect about two to three hours of gaming on a full charge, depending on performance settings. That’s barely enough time to save the Princess. Thankfully, we at RAVPower have an easy solution – a portable power bank!

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Not All Power Banks are Equal

Not all portable chargers are suitable for every task. You need the right key for the right lock. For charging your mobile Switch, you should keep a couple features in mind when buying a power bank. First, be sure it works with USB-C, the main input on the Switch. USB-A to USB-C works as well, but charging will be considerably slower. While it’s absolutely worthwhile picking up a power bank that includes Quick Charge technology, especially if you plan on using it for other devices, it’s important to highlight that the Switch currently does not support any quick charging standards.

Second, you need to use a power bank that has more internal charge than the Switch’s 4310mAh battery, considerably more if you hope to power up the console more than once. You should aim for a unit that’s 10000mAh or higher, giving yourself plenty of gaming time. Third, be sure that the power bank charges at roughly 5V, the same input requirements as the Switch. Otherwise, you risk damaging your device.

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How Much Game Time Do I Get with a Power Bank?

Short answer: a lot! A number of independent test sites have tried out power banks with the Nintendo Switch and the results are really exciting. With a RAVPower 26800mAh power bank, users have reported being able to recharge their Switch at least three times! Some reviews have that recharge potential at upwards of six times, depending on screen brightness and graphics requirements. That brings your gaming time from a mere three hours to ten-twelve hours without breaking a sweat. Over a five day period, the same tests averaged between nine and eleven hours of gameplay while keeping the Switch plugged in and charging from a portable charger. That’s about a 10% battery charge per hour of gaming.
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Get Your Switch Ready Power Bank Today!

Like most gamers, we at RAVPower were really excited for the launch of the Switch. We braved the lines, picked up our consoles, rushed home, and hurriedly unwrapped them. We love being able to bring our Switch with us wherever we go, playing with friends and strangers alike. And now, thanks to the availability of affordable power banks, like our 26800mAh and 20100mAh, we never have to worry about battery drain in the middle of a critical quest. We’ll be sword dueling, kart racing, and splatting ink for hours and hours to come.


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The post A Power Bank Guide for Charging Your Nintendo Switch appeared first on RAVPower.