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Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

The Full Comparison: ESR’s iPad Case vs. the Official Apple iPad Case

Apple fans usually rejoice when the company’s new products are released. But the debut of the 2019 iPad Air was truly something special.

A thinner version of the classic iPad tablet, the iPad Air premiered in 2013. A second version came out the following year. For its part, the 2019 iteration offers several new features and tweaks.

Of course, if you purchase such a beautiful product, you’ll want to give it the strongest physical protection such as a iPad Air 10.5 Case. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

The 2019 iPad Air: New and Definitely Improved

First of all, the screen of the 2019 iPad Air is laminated, which improves the picture quality and makes the colors more vibrant. On top of that, its screen measures 10.5 inches; the iPad Air 2 had a screen that was only 9.7 inches. The picture is very bright as well, and the color palette is vast. In short, the display of the 2019 iPad Air is a visual delight in every way.

This version of the iPad Air also lets you accessorize. For instance, you could connect the Apple Smart Keyboard to it. It’s a light yet strong keyboard with comfy fabric keys. It makes typing easy when you’re sitting in a waiting room, on a bus, or anywhere else where you’d like to get in a few minutes of work.

In addition, with the 2019 iPad Air, you can now use an Apple Pencil. It’s a stylish stylus, a sophisticated and sensitive tool that’s perfect for writing and sketching. Whether you’re taking notes at a meeting or just doodling for fun, you can’t go wrong with the Apple Pencil.

All in all, this iPad Air is a significant improvement over its predecessors, which were no technological slouches to begin with. It’s easier to carry around. It has more processing power, and it runs more smoothly. Its camera can take more vibrant pictures and videos. It’s a small machine with big capabilities.

The Case for an iPad Case

How do you protect your valuable 2019 iPad from dents, scratches, and other kinds of damage? The best way to do so is to buy a case that fits neatly over the machine.

Phrases like “new iPad Air case” might be running through your mind right now. But the main question is: which case is the best for your needs? Well, Apple offers some cases, and ESR also produces iPad Air cases.

Let’s look at these products and then compare them.

1. Two from Apple: The Smart Cover and the Smart Cover Leather

The Smart Cover is an Apple product, and it covers only the front of the iPad Air. It’s made of polyurethane, and it’s durable. You can attach it and detach it with ease.

This cover is bendable. As such, it lets you situate the device in different ways. One position might be ideal for watching videos, another for surfing the web, and so on. What’s more, when you open the Smart Cover, it awakens your iPad, and when you close it, the device goes to sleep once more.

This product comes in four colors: papaya, charcoal grey, pink sand, and white. Most important, it’s adept at keeping dirt and dust off of an iPad Air.

The Smart Cover Leather is very similar to the Smart Cover above. It’s slightly more expensive, and it comes in four different colors: midnight blue, saddle brown, black, and red. The biggest distinction here is that, as the name indicates, it’s made of fine leather. Thus, it’s an appropriate choice for anyone who loves fine leather goods or high-quality materials in general.

Like the Apple Smart Cover, the Apple Smart Cover Leather is flexible, and it lets you position your iPad Air however you’d like.

2. Three From ESR: The Marble Trifold Case, the Yippee Trifold Smart Case, and the Rebound Slim Smart Case

All three of these sleek cases from ESR are made of polyurethane leather, and they’re lined with microfiber. Their magnets lock into place whenever the device is in an upright position. In fact, if you want your iPad Air to stand, you can choose one of two configurations. One is better for viewing and the other for typing. These cases give you easy access to all of the tablet’s buttons as well.

These ESR cases are soft to the touch, which makes them a pleasure to hold. Despite the strong protection they offer, they’re not too thick, which makes it easy to fit your iPad Air among the rest of the things you carry around.

Most important, this cover fits the entire 2019 iPad series snugly. The front, back, and sides are all protected from smudges, fingerprints, falls, bumps, and all kinds of other problems. Altogether, it’s a lightweight yet highly sturdy product.

In the end, all five of the above cases are well-constructed, attractive, and reliable products. However, each ESR case protects the back of the 2019 iPad Air. By contrast, the shells of the Apple iPad cover only fit over the front of this device. And all three ESR cases are much more affordable. Each is a fraction of the cost of an Apple counterpart. You can find the right product like the best iPad mini 5 case from ESR.

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