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Welcome to Gadget King Asia, the webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on displayed.
Should you require further assistance please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

Apple IOS 13 NEW Features: Everything you need to know before you upgrading

On June 3, Apple released the new five major systems including iOS, iPad OS, macOS and Mac Pro at the 2019 WWDC Global Developer Conference. Among them, the most noteworthy is the iOS new operating system IOS13 and the newly launched iPad dedicated system iPadOS.

Here’s a look at the new features of iOS13 and iPad OS.

IOS 13

Performance Upgrade

Apple is working hard to make the IOS system run faster. Apple CEO Cook revealed that under the IOS 13 system, the download and update of the APP is become smaller, the APP size is reduced by 50%, and the update is reduced by 60%. At the same time, APP response speed has increased by 2 times compared with IOS 12, and Face ID unlock speed has increased by 30%.

System-wide Dark Mode

Apple officially launched the long-awaited dark mode. This is the biggest change that Apple has brought visually after IOS 7. This dark mode with a metal rock band style will give users a new night view.

Dark mode supports manual or automatic switching. You can manually switch between light or dark backgrounds in Settings > Display & Brightness. You can also turn on automatic triggering. The condition for replacing the appearance is the default “Sunrise/Sunset Time” or you can set the time period according to your needs.

At the same time, in IOS 13, Apple also provided 4 wallpapers that support “Dark Mode”. It can be self-adapted according to the light or dark appearance. Of course, not only do mobile apps and system interfaces get dark, all Apple apps do dark processing, including keyboards and notification pages, which are also new dark tones.

However, IOS 13 is still a beta version, so third-party applications are basically light backgrounds, which seems to be somewhat fragmented. However, the mainstream APP should also be quickly updated after the launch of the beta version of IOS13, which is worth looking forward to.

New QuickPath Swipe Keyboard

IOS 13 also updated the typing this time, adding a new QuickPath swipe keyboard option. It allows the user to slide multiple buttons at once, significantly increasing the typing speed.

Street View Map

IOS 13 has revolutionized the Apple map. Apple fitted hundreds of planes and cars with custom sensors and lidar and covered over 4 million miles to update the Maps app. The new map will completely reconstruct the basic map with 3D modeling, retaining the details of the streetscape, the road coverage is wider, the sidewalk data is more perfect, the address is more precise, and the landform features are more detailed.

More Secure and More Private

Apple has released a new and more private login feature – “sign in with Apple”. When users log in to an app or website, they can use Apple ID to easily identify themselves in addition to using social accounts or verifying email addresses or account passwords. Apple will provide developers with a unique random ID. Even if the developer asks you to provide an email, Apple can provide you with a random email address to keep your information private.

On the other hand, IOS 13 will let you limit app location access to “just once”, so that developers can only obtain the right to share the location once, and will not cover your location in the background. Of course, if you agree to be geographically acquired, you can set it yourself.


Apple App Update More Detail Features

IOS13 also brings more detailed changes to its own applications, almost every new application has new features.

1. New album and photo editing features

The photo album will automatically be archived by year, month, and day.

In the photo editing interface, the new UI can quickly adjust the brightness, shadow, white balance and other settings. At the same time, IOS13 first added a video editing feature, users can edit the video brightness, highlights, contrast, etc., and also rotate the video.

2. New Reminders Look

Reminders used to look very simple. In IOS 13, a quick toolbar has been added that makes it easy to add time, date, location, and tags. Let you organize in a more efficient way.

3. New HomePod Features

HomePod gets multiuser support, it is able to identify the voices of different people in the home, providing a personalized response, including information, music and more.

And now, you’ll be able to easily transfer songs from your iPhone by holding your phone closer to the HomePad speaker. Previously, you had to tell Siri to do this.

4. New Volume Indicator

In the original IOS system, when you adjust the volume, the volume indicator will appear in the middle of the screen, which bothers our visual experience. This time, the adjustments were made intimately and it will be displayed on the left side, a slender small bar, avoid the interruption of the user.

5. Memoji Makeup

Our memoji makeup will be automatically created in the IOS keyboard built-in sticker package, ready to use in information, mail or other social software, at the same time, also launched a new hairstyle, headwear, accessories, etc., to provide users with more creative space.

6. Compatible Devices

iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max,

iPhone 6s/6s plus,

iPhone 7/7 plus,

iPhone 8/8 plus,

iPhone SE,

iPod Touch (7th generation)

These changes not only make Apple’s own application more powerful, but also make the interface simpler, which simplifies the user’s operation process. However, in order to make our experience better, we also need to keep our iPhone away from everyday bumps and keep the fuselage safe. It is also necessary to use 2019 iPhone protective case and screen protector.


The original design of the iPad OS is specifically designed to run on Apple’s iPad device, which gives Apple more freedom to adapt to larger screens. Just as Apple built watchOS for Apple Watch, tvOS for Apple TV, and macOS for Mac series, iPadOS will be independent, so that iPad can launch more multi-tasking functions.

Multi-window Mode

The iPad OS will support multi-window display. For example, the same application can open two windows, display side by side, and freely adjust the size. This means that you can open 2 Word at the same time, and the drag between the interface and the interface is smoother.

Not only that, the original split screen also supports fast switching between multiple applications, while the bottom virtual keyboard can be directly displayed as a floating window keypad.

Optimize Gesture Interaction

You can use the 3-finger pinch and release gestures to complete the copy and paste operation. 3 finger sliding can be revoked. It looks very cool.

Support for External Storage

IPadOS supports external storage, you can plug in the U disk to read the data, or you can directly import the photo data of the SLR camera with a data cable.

Apple Pencil

With the new API support, the delay of this Apple stylus has been reduced from the previous 20 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds, while supporting new markup features on the iPadOS.

In addition, the iPad can also support access to the mouse, you can find this function in Settings > Accessibility.

Compatible Devices

12.9 inch iPad Pro

11 inch iPad Pro

10.5 inch iPad Pro

9.7 inch iPad Pro

iPad 6th generation

iPad 5th generation

iPad mini (5th generation)

iPad mini 4

iPad Air (3rd generation)

iPad Air 2

Apple has always been committed to providing users with better products and a better experience. Users always want to buy more durable products and faster operating systems. If you want to keep enjoying an excellent iPad experience, in addition to upgrading the optimized iPadOS system, don’t forget to give your 2019 new ipad full protection, extend the life of the your iPad.


What features do you think you are most looking forward to in the new system? Leave a message to share with everyone.

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