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Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

10 MUST HAVE Pixel 4/4 XL Accessories in 2019!

Planning to buy a google Pixel 4 or 4 XL and find it difficult to pick accessories when facing too much choice? Here comes the best advice you cannot miss! Right accessories are essential to make your pixel 4/4 XL become more useful in different situations. Good-quality accessories also improve your using experience with Pixel 4/4 XL, bringing more joy to daily life. Go through this blog and check out these 10 must have Pixel 4/4 XL accessories in 2019.

1. Pixel 4/4 XL Cases

Pixel 4/4 XL Case is the first thing that you must have. It protects your Pixel 4/4 XL from kinds of accidental injuries, such as cracking or dropping, and guarantees the Pixel 4/4 XL to be as new as it has been for a long time.

Pixel 4/4 XL Metal Kickstand Case is the first recommendation. Soft TPU is used to provide a better and more reliable protection for your Pixel 4/4 XL. The two-way stand is the most special design, which enables your Pixel 4/4 XL to stand horizontally or vertically. Having this case, you can watch video or facetime as the way you like.

In terms of choosing Pixel 4/4 XL case, the appearance is also an important consideration except for the excellent performance. The unique appearance of case makes your Pixel 4/4 XL personalized. If you are a person who likes gorgeous things, you should never miss this Pixel 4/4 XL Makeup Glitter Case. This sparkling case is very glamorous, making you the most charming one. The special three-layer design also makes the Pixel 4/4 XL case soft and sturdy, bring you good tactile experience. In addition to those, ESR provides several types of cost-effective Pixel 4/4 XL cases. You will never regret when choose ESR’s Pixel 4/4 XL Case.

2. Pixel 4/4 XL Screen Protectors

Screen is the most commonly used part of the phone, but it is vulnerable. The screen is easily to be scratched, and once scratched, it will greatly affect the normal use of the smart phone and worsening the your using experience. If the screen of the Pixel 4/4 XL is damaged, you will definitely have to spend more money in replacing the screen than the screen protector. Thus, Pixel 4/4 XL screen protector is highly recommended. In addition to its ability to reducing scratching and damaging, the special designed edge can prevent dust from stucking in the corners. The fingerprint & oil-resistant material reduces the appearance of fingerprints after a long period of use, making the cleaning become easier.

3. Pixel 4/4 XL Cables

Cable is also one of the must-have Pixel 4/4 XL accessories since it is highly used during charging or transferring data. Sometimes, you may find it hard to transfer the data from your Pixel 4/4 XL and USB at the same time because of limited ports, ESR’s USB hub is your best choice. This USB hub supports the maximum of 7 device for data transfer. It has a protection design for over-current and over-voltages, which keeps your Pixel 4/4 XL and digital devices safe and extends their lifespan.

4. Pixel 4/4 XL Wireless chargers

Wireless chargers provide a handy way to charge your Pixel 4/4 XL. Compared with the common chargers, the special point is that it is non-contact type, which reduces the trouble of plugging and unplugging. It also avoids the phenomenon of unmatched interface, and poor charging contact. ESR has different styles and stand types of wireless charges, and each of them has their own specialties. There must be your fancy one.

5. Pixel 4/4 XL PD Fast Chargers

You may use your Pixel 4/4 XL frequently every day, and charging has become a repeating act which always takes a long time. ESR’s fast chargers can reduce the time and effort that spent on charging and improve your charging experience. Have a PD Fast Chargers of ESR is a good choice, since it has multi-port and advanced safety features. You must not miss it!

6. Pixel 4/4 XL Adapters

Wannna listening to music but find your Pixel 4/4 XL is charging and no plug for earphones? Find the interface of your Pixel 4/4 XL not match with the laptop while transferring data? With a portable and compact ESR’ adapter, you can easily solve your troubles. ESR’s adapter is designed as user-friendly, durable and broad compatibility. You will regret it for missing such a convenient adapter.

7. Pixel 4/4 XL Earphones

Having a good pair of headphones will allow you to enjoy your own listening pleasure during noisy, exercising or on the go. ESR’s Dual Driver Bluetooth Earphones and Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones are both designed to be cosy and secure fit. You don’t need to worry about earphones falling out of your ears even when doing strenuous exercise. Both of them have stable Bluetooth connectivity and long-lasting battery life, especially Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, which supports the maximum of 9 hours of active use.

8. Running belts

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the running belt must not be missed. ESR’s running belt has a large zip pocket with a headphone port, allowing you to release your hands while exercising. It also has inside pocket, making it convenient to put card or money in it.

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