[Xiaomi] Portable Flexible USB Mini Fan, Compatible With Any USB Port, Lightweight Portable Removable, Detachable High-Grade Silicone Material, Environmentally Safe

Gadget King Pte. Ltd.

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  • Lightweight portable removable, detachable design, can be placed in the pocket of a small fan.
  • High-grade silicone material, environmentally safe and feel good.
  • Standard USB Interface, can mix and match digital devices, such as mobile power, desktop computers, laptops, USB connector, car charger and so on, plug and play.
  • When the fan is running low noise, maximum noise only 25.8 db, equivalent to the sound of a gentle breeze.
  • Very low power consumption, with mobile power, can work for up to 62 hours.
  • Size:145.5 x 15 x 89.3 mm