5-Digit Social Media Counters Facebook and Instagram by Smiirl (Bundle)


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We bring digital to life


Skyrocket your Facebook & Instagram audience!

Inside your businesses and stores, your counters will warn your visitors that you are on Facebook, help your visitors to connect with your Instagram account, and encourage them to follow to your pages. It is a true loyalty and engagement tool.

Attract new customers to your store!

Set-up in your storefront, the counter will display that your audience is growing and your establishment is renowned. It is the "digital" equivalent of a full terrace versus an empty terrace!

Grow your turnover!

60% of small businesses reach new customers thanks to social networks, what are you waiting for? It is an efficient way to improve your customer loyalty, attract new customers and generate more revenue!

Celebrate your digital milestones with your clients!

Simple and efficient, our counter will help you create a precious link with everyone in your store.

High-end and connected!

With a vintage and clean design, our counters are a sweet mix of technology, mechanic, plastic and wood. A discreet but fascinating connected device.


*Important notice: The Instagram Follower Counter has a 30-second reaction time.