6ft/1.8m Tough Braided USB-A to Type-C Cable [RP-TPC005]


Sale price S$ 9.95 Regular price S$ 24.95

  • Durable nylon braided cord: Enjoy a topnotch aluminium wire with a premium nylon braided jacket that can bear 5000+ bending tests for extra protection and durability.
  • 5.9ft long cable for extra convenience: Benefit from a cable that's 5.9ft (1.8m) long to connect your devices further than ever without compromising your comfort.
  • Extra-durable 10,000+ insertion lifespan: Freely plug in and unplug your devices without worrying of tearing the cable thanks to the connector's unibody design that's made to outlast over 10,000 insertions.
  • Dark fibre for a cleaner look: With its dark grey nylon fabric, the cable stays clean and won't pick up dirt as easily as other light-coloured cables.
  • Complete compatibility with usb type-c: Easily connect any USB Type-C device, from the latest 12-inch MacBook to a variety of notebooks and tablets.