RAVPOWER 20100mAh Power Bank with 65W AC Outlet [RP-PB105]

  • S$ 159.95
  • Save S$ 10

  • Powerful AC Output: With a built-in AC output for devices, this portable power outlet allows electronic devices like laptops, GoPros, drones, printers, table lamps, small vacuum cleaners, and small fans to recharge anywhere. (Please note: If your devices are more than 50W, this power bank might not charge them)
  • Type-C 5V/3A & 2 x USB 5V/2.4A Outputs: Type-C and iSmart USB allows for the fast and simultaneous charging of three small devices such as smartphones, tablets and other USB/Type-C powered devices.
  • To turn ON the AC power you must hold the power button for about 5 seconds until the small green LED (in front of the AC outlet) turns ON.

  • Cylinder Size With 20100mAh Capacity, It is suggested to use the original AC adapter and charging cable when charging your laptop or other electronic devices.

  • Convenient choice of either Type-C or micro USB inputs for recharging the power bank.

  • This powerful power bank weighs just 606 grams!
  • Triple Protection + Safer Use: Includes overcharge, short circuit, and current surge protection; air vents for safer heat dissipation; and a dust cover to prevent dust entry.

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