RAVPOWER 20100mAh Power Bank with 65W AC Outlet [RP-PB054]

  • S$ 149.95

  • Powerful AC Output: With a built-in AC output for devices, this portable power outlet allows electronic devices like GoPros, drones, printers, table lamps, vacuum cleaners, and small fans to recharge anywhere. (If your devices are more than 50W, this power bank might not charge them).

  • Type-C 5V/3A & USB 5V/2.4A Outputs: Type-C and iSmart USB allows for the fast and simultaneous charging of two devices including a MacBook and an iPhone 7; also works as a portable charger for smart devices. To turn ON the AC power you must hold the power button for about 8 seconds.

  • Cylinder Size With A 20100mAh Capacity: A huge 20100mAh battery fully charges an iPhone 7 6 times, or the 12" MacBook 1.3 times. It is suggested to use the original AC adapter and charging cable when charging your laptop or other electronic devices.

  • Save 60% Off The Recharge Time: Through the 19V/1.6A DC input, you'll have full power in just 4 hours - compared to the standard 10 hours from a 2.4A charger; 5 LED lights indicate remaining battery, while the ON/OFF switch removes operation confusion

  • Triple Protection + Safer Use: Includes overcharge, short circuit, and current surge protection; air vents for safer heat dissipation; and a dust cover to prevent dust entry

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