[NYZE] Wall Mount for HomePod Mini - Cleanest Mount Holder Stand for HomePod mini


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  •  Customized Wall Holder Mount for Homepod Mini: Elegant and Minimal Design. This is a clean seamless way to show your HomePod Mini. A must-have holder for those who like minimalism. (The Device is not included
  •  Better Sound Performance: It helps the speaker pick up your voice much more readily, helps project the sound better as well. The clever design reflects all 365 degrees of the speaker’s sound off the wall, keeps dial Siri activation status easy to see
  • Compact & Sturdy: Simple to mount, snug and secure. The Homepod mini mount are well built and everything fits tightly. Sturdy plastic prevents interference with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well.
  • Two Installation Methods: Sticking glue or Drill Nail. Use the Glue attached to the back of the product for installation. If the wall is uneven, you need to use drill nails for installation.