[NYZE] Gamepad Holder for PS5 / PS4 / Switch Pro / Xbox one Controller Headphones Wall Mount with Anti-Slip Adhesive


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It is used for gamepad storage, which can save the space occupied by the desktop and keep the desktop simple

The product is composed of hard glue and soft glue. The hard glue is made of ABS, which has the characteristics of good strength and durability. The silicone pad can play a non-slip function

The product is fixed with 3M glue, which can bear a weight of 1KG. All game controllers can be hung, such as: Sony PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch Pro, Microsoft Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Elite, Beitong Asura, Beitong Tongsparta, Raytheon G50, G40, G30, Lai Shida PXN-P50, Smart 3 PXN-9603, PXN-9607x and other game controllers

 The product can also be applied to the storage of headphones, with functional diversity

Package Include :

1 x Stand
1 x Instruction Manual