Patent Wirefree charging kit exclusive only for Mooni LED speakers(Cork cover included)


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The compact and discreet Mooni® Wireless charging plate (compatible with Mooni products only) adds unique functionality to all Mooni devices. Charge your speaker lantern by placing directly on top of the charging plate or mounting to the surface of a side table or furniture using 3M tape or small screws provided.

(Please note Mooni Wireless charging Plate will only charge Mooni products, it will not charge Smart phones or other smart devices)


Product Features:

  • Wireless charging Plate (compatible with all Mooni Products)
  • Comes with cork matt cover
  • Plate can charge from under surface table or work surfaces (Can charge through up to 5cm of any material except metal)

Our natural cork cover fits over the charging plate to offer a soft texture for your Mooni product to charge. The mat adds Scandinavian style that plays well with the surroundings.

Dimensions in (cm)

Width: 13
Height: 15
Depth: 1.5