Mi LED Light Lamp Enhanced Version With 5 Levels Brightness,Soft-Touch, Rubberized Plastic, Compatible With Any USB Port, Neutral White Light, Flexible Leg


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  • Mi USB Light is a convenient USB light for all occasions. Compact design, easy touse atdifferent locations: from notebook keyboard backlight in the dark to the “eternal” lamp inconjunction with Power Bank.
  • Made of pleasant soft-touch plastic.
  • The lamp has awhite diffuser for light scattering, onthe back side there isaplate for heat dissipation.

    Dimensions ofthe device are really not big — 199×17×9mm.

  • Xiaomi Mi LED gives the glow power of 2.5W. The light isvery bright for its size. Make an excellent lightening of your laptop keyboard or use the night-light function.

    Mi USB Light 2has 6LEDs instead of1!

  • The main feature ofnew Mi LED Light Plus isthe presence of “on-off” button and the ability to adjust the brightness. It comes with 5 levels of brightness!

  • Voltage 5 V.
    Compatibility Any device with aUSB port
    Color oflight Neutral White, 4500K
    Number of LED 6 pсs.
    Size 199×17×9mm.
    Weight 18g.
    Material Soft-touch, rubberized plastic
    Feature Flexible leg, smooth illumination
    Color Blue