[KingMa] Smart Digital Dual LCD Display Charger for SONY, Panasonic, JVC Camcorder Batteries

Gadget King Asia

Sale price S$ 42.95 Regular price S$ 59.95

--> Smart Digital Dual Charger with AC / DC and USB input

--> Suitable for various SONY F550 / F750 / F960 / F970, FM50 / FM70 / FM90 and more

--> Suitable for various Panasonic VBD1 / VBD2 and more

--> Suitable for variousPanasonic VBD1 / VBD2, JVC V607u / V617u

--> The Charger can be powered from the Car, Power Bank, DC Charger, etc

--> Charge two batteries at the same time