[KingMa] NP-FW50 Set / Charger / Battery for Sony Cameras using FW50 batteries type


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  • Introducing the Kingma NP-FW50 Camera Replacement Set, a must-have accessory for Sony camera enthusiasts seeking uncompromised power, convenience, and reliability. This comprehensive kit includes two high-capacity NP-FW50 replacement batteries, each boasting an impressive 1080mAh capacity, and a cutting-edge dual slot fast charger featuring both Type-C and Micro USB inputs, all enhanced by a user-friendly LCD display. Backed by a 12-month warranty, this set is not just a replacement but an upgrade for your Sony camera gear.

  • [Extended Shooting Time]: With two NP-FW50 batteries in your kit, you're prepared for extended photography sessions. The substantial 1080mAh capacity allows you to capture more images and record longer videos without the constant worry of running out of power.

  • [Smart Dual Slot Fast Charger]: The dual slot fast charger is the heart of this set, designed for efficiency and convenience. It can charge both batteries simultaneously, saving you valuable time. The integrated LCD display provides real-time charging status updates, allowing you to plan your shooting sessions with confidence. With both Type-C and Micro USB inputs, you have the flexibility to charge your batteries wherever you are.

  • [Maximum Compatibility]: The Kingma NP-FW50 batteries are designed to be fully compatible replacements for the original Sony NP-FW50 battery. They integrate seamlessly with your Sony camera, ensuring you can capture your moments without any compatibility concerns.

  • [Reliable Power Source]: Your Sony camera deserves nothing but the best, and the NP-FW50 replacement batteries are known for their exceptional reliability. Bid farewell to unexpected power failures during crucial shooting moments.

  • Safety First: Safety is paramount. This set incorporates advanced safety features, including overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, and short-circuit protection, ensuring the safety of both your batteries and camera.

  • [User-Friendly Design]: The charger's design prioritizes user-friendliness. The intuitive LCD display provides straightforward operation, allowing you to focus on your photography.

  • [12-Month Warranty]: With your purchase, you'll enjoy the added assurance of a 12-month warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the quality and reliability of the Kingma NP-FW50 Camera Replacement Set.

  • In summary, the Kingma NP-FW50 Camera Replacement Set is the ultimate accessory to elevate your Sony camera gear. With its high-capacity batteries, smart dual slot fast charger with Type-C and Micro USB inputs, reliability, safety features, and the added peace of mind of a 12-month warranty, this set empowers you to capture more of life's memorable moments without the fear of a drained battery. Upgrade to this set, and unlock the full potential of your Sony camera.