[KingMa] NP-F550 / NP-F750 / NP-F970 to DC Jack Dummy Battery – For Sony Cameras using F550 / F750 / F970 Type Batteries


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Introducing the [KingMa] NP-F550 / NP-F750 / NP-F970 to DC Jack Dummy Battery – your ultimate solution for maintaining a continuous and reliable power source for a diverse range of cameras. This versatile accessory is your passport to uninterrupted power, exceptional compatibility, and peace of mind during your photography and videography pursuits.

Universal Compatibility:

The [KingMa] NP-F550 / NP-F750 / NP-F970 to DC Jack Dummy Battery is engineered to effortlessly match with Sony cameras using F550, F750, and F970 type batteries. Not only does it seamlessly integrate with Sony cameras, but it also extends its compatibility to Panasonic cameras using VBD1, VBD2, VBD3, and VBD815 type batteries, as well as IVC cameras like V607U and V615U. This extensive compatibility assures that your equipment remains powered without limitations.

Continuous and Reliable Power:

Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional camera batteries. This dummy battery connects your camera directly to an external power source, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted power supply. Capture extended video footage, time-lapse sequences, or extended photoshoots without the annoyance of frequent battery changes or recharging.

Versatile Power Source:

Designed with flexibility in mind, the [KingMa] Dummy Battery empowers you to power your camera from various external power sources. With a DC power supply via a 5.5mm x 2.1mm male plug, this accessory guarantees your camera remains active and prepared to capture those crucial moments.

Reliable and Secure:

This dummy battery offers a stable and consistent power supply, eliminating the risk of abrupt power loss during your essential shots. It's an essential safeguard for professional photographers and videographers who depend on uninterrupted power.

Effortless Installation and Use:

Installing the dummy battery is straightforward and hassle-free. Insert it into your camera's battery compartment and connect it to your chosen power source via the included DC jack. No technical expertise or complicated setup is required.

Compact and Portable:

Designed with portability in mind, this accessory's compact size allows you to stow it in your camera bag without consuming valuable space. Ideal for on-the-go shooting, travel, or any scenario where uninterrupted power is imperative.

Premium Quality and Durability:

The [KingMa] NP-F550 / NP-F750 / NP-F970 to DC Jack Dummy Battery is constructed with precision and durability in mind. It's engineered to withstand extended use, ensuring long-term reliability and performance for your camera setup.

Elevate your photography and videography experience with the [KingMa] NP-F550 / NP-F750 / NP-F970 to DC Jack Dummy Battery. Wave goodbye to concerns about running out of battery during crucial shots. Whether you're a professional or an enthusiast, this accessory empowers you with continuous power, reliability, and convenience. Say yes to uninterrupted creativity and choose KingMa for your power needs.