[KingMa] DMW-BLK22 Camera Replacement 2-Pack Battery and Smart LCD Display Charger for Pan. LUMIX S5, GH5, G9 and GH5S and more / BLK22 / BLK 22


Sale price S$ 42.95 Regular price S$ 79.95

--> High Quality Replacement Camera Batteries and Charger Set By KingMa

--> Suitable as a replacement for Panasonic BMW-BLK22

--> Fits Panasonic LUMIX S5, GH5, G9 and GH5S and more

--> Massive 2000mAh Capacity / 14.4Wh

--> Comes with the latest BM058 Dual LCD Display Charger, which is featuring super fast recharging via Type-C

--> Charger can be connected to a Power Bank, USB Wall Charger, Car Charger or Laptop