[KingMa] Camera Replacement Battery for Pan. DMW-BLH7E / DMW-BLH7 For Lumix DC-GX850, DMC-LX10, DMC-LX15 and more / BLH7E / BLH7


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  • DMW-BLH7/E Li-ion Battery for Lumix DC-GX850, DMC-LX10, DMC-LX15, DMC-GM1, DMC-GM1K, DMC-GM1KA, DMC-GM1KS, DMC-GM5, DMC-GM5KK Digital Camera

  • Battery Specifications - Energy Storage Capacity: 600mAh /Voltage: 7.2 volts WH: 4.3Wh

  • No Memory Effect Lets You Recharge Partially Drained Batteries Without Reducing Performance.

  • 100% Safety Guarantee: Built with multiple circuit protection (over-charging, short-circuit, high-temperature, and surge protection), and high-quality, fire-resistant construction

  • FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY - KingMa Batteries include a one-year warranty