[Benks] Hands-Free Cooling Outdoor Biliz Neck Fan

Gadget King Asia

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Powerful Meets Portable

Convenient to keep cool on the go. With a 3-speed adjustable airflow, you can customize a comfortable temperature no matter where you are.

360° All Round Cooling Air 

Biliz Neck Fan provides 360° all-round cooling air, perfect for keeping you cool during hot days. With its ergonomic design and powerful airflow, this neck fan is the perfect choice for staying cool and comfortable.


Its advanced engineering ensures 35% less noise than most standard fans, but with the same powerful cooling capacity. Its sleek design fits in any room, making it the perfect addition to your cooler air.

Adjustable Speed

 Biliz Neck Fan provides you with adjustable speed create your ideal air flow. This allows you to customize your cooling experience to provide you with the best possible comfort.

The Biliz Neck Fan is a hands-free cooling solution. Stay cool and comfortable in any outdoor activity with the Biliz Neck Fan! This wearable device provides surround cooling with a sensory experience, allowing you to enjoy the summer heat without difficulty.