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GP-PRO Handheld 3 AXIS Gimbal Stabiliser for GoPro [EVO-50575]

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EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis Gimbal for GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero4, GoPro Hero5 and GoPro Hero6 Black cameras, as well as the Garmin Virb Ultra 30, Yi HD and Yi 4k+, SJCam and similar action cameras.

Product Highlights

  • Universal mount compatible with most action cameras cameras
  • 4-Way Joystick
  • X3 CoreMark MCU's
  • Up To 5 Hours Run Time
  • Built-in Camera Charging (for most action cameras)
  • High Torque Motors
  • 5mm AV Out2


The EVO GP-PRO 3 axis handheld gimbal allows you to effortlessly shoot silky smooth video to create Hollywood quality shots like you would see in multi million doller film productions, all with just your GP Pro and your GoPro (similar action cameras). The EVO GP-PRO supports most GoPro cameras and accessories such as the LCD BacPac as well as the battery BacPac.

The GP-PRO features an upgraded 4-way thumb stick to allow for more refined feathering control of the gimbal's pan, tilt and roll axes. This feature alone allows you to have expanded flexibility and control for compact shooting scenarios or for getting unique angles on your subject.

The EVO GP-PRO gives you even more versatility with the addition of a 3.5mm AV audio/video output port for an external monitor as well as a standard 1/4-20" female thread on the bottom of the handle for the addition of our EVO carbon fiber extension pole set or your typical monopod or tripod.


  • 3-Axis Precision: The EVO GP-PRO allows you to effortlessly shoot pro-quality, cinematic like footage with your GoPro or similar action camera.
  • Easy Setup: Plug & Play out of the box. Features high power, high torque motors for reliable smooth footage under the most demanding conditions.
  • Extend Camera Battery Life: The GP-PRO features a built in charging cable to extend your GoPro's battery life (when you are not recording) which also allows pass video through to an external monitor using the 3.5mm AV output jack on the handle (For GoPro Hero3/4 Cameras only)
  • Versatility: The EVO GP-PRO supports a wide range of action cameras including the popular GoPro Hero3 Black/Silver GoPro Hero4 Black/silver GoPro Hero6 Black, GoPro Hero5 Black, Garmin Virb Ultra 30, YI 4K & 4K+, SJCAM4000-7000 as well as the growing number of similar action cameras.
  • GP-PRO comes complete with a charger, USB charge cable, (2) Camera Charging Cables (Hero3/4 Only) and (2) 18650 Li-Ion batteries good for 4-5 hours of extended battery life.
  • Unprecedented Warranty: Backed by a 1 Year USA Parts and Labor Warranty.


  • GoPro Hero6 Black (Charging cable sold separate)
  • GoPro Hero5 Black (Charging cable sold separate)
  • GoPro Hero4 Silver, GoPro Hero4 Black
  • GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero3+
  • GoPro Hero Session, GoPro Hero5 Session (Session Mount Required)
  • Yi Action Cam, Yi 4K+ Action Cam, SJ4000-SJ6000*
  • Garmin Virb Ultra 30
  • SJCam
  • As well as the growing number of similar action cameras.



    • Stabilization Accuracy: ±0.01° 
    • Follow Accuracy: ±0.2° 
    • Pan Axis Range: -160° to +160°
    • Tilt Axis Range: -90° to +180° (Inverted)
    • Roll Axis Range: -45° to +45°
    • Tilt Axis Control Speed: Min 1°/s Max 50°/s
    • Pan Axis Control Speed: Min 1°/s Max 80°/s
    • Motor Type: 3x Triple Wound High Torque Brushless
    • Working Current Static Current: 6.8 mA (at 6.8 VDC)
    • Dynamic Current: 120mA (at 8.4 VDC)
    • Max Motor Current: 2 A maximum (at 12.6 VDC)
    • Sensors: Independent IMU module, High Definition Position Encoders
    • Batteries: IMR 18650, 2000mAh x2 (included)

In the Box

EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal (Includes Universal mount for GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero4, GoPro Hero5 and GoPro Hero6 Black cameras as well as the Garmin Virb Ultra 30, Yi HD and Yi 4k+, SJCam and similar action cameras.

  • 2 - IMR 18650 Rechargeable 3.7v batteries (2000mAh each cell)
  • 1 - Li-Ion Charger
  • 1 - Micro USB Cable (for Charger & Software Update)
  • 2 - GoPro Charging Cables (3 Wire for Power, 4 Wire for Video-out/Power – (For Hero3/Hero4 Cameras Only)
  • 1 - Battery extension tube
  • 1 - Warranty Card ( 1 Year USA Parts & Labor Warranty)
  • 1 - User Manual
  • Download Quick Start Guide Here(pdf)



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