Stay Connected This Christmas: A Short Guide to the Multiport Wall Charger

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You probably have numerous chargers for all your devices.

There’s one for your Smartphone, another for your iPad, another for your digital camera, another for your laptop—the list goes on and on.

If you want to capture the best moments at home, work, or at social events, you need your favorite devices to be fully charged. A multiport wall charger is the perfect solution.

Having a multiport charger for a Christmas get-together can make the difference between spending hours by the power outlet and experiencing wonderful memories with people that matter to you.

We know you love staying connected, which is why we’ve decided to write this timely post on multiport wall chargers. We’re sharing some insider tips and also recommending the best products for the season.

Let’s get right to it.

1.      When Buying Multiport Chargers, Remember that it’s Not Just About Multiple Ports

Little girl holding a portable device standing next to a Christmas tree

Yes, it’s important to have a charger with many ports, especially when your friends, family, or colleagues want to power their devices at the same time.

But don’t just buy any 6-port USB charger.

Get one that’s labeled “wall charger”.

A multiport charger is designed to handle more current and charges devices quicker and at full speed without short-circuiting or overheating. Some have long power cords to ensure they power devices safely. A high-quality multiport charger also protects your favorite devices against power surges.

There are countless multiport chargers on the market, but most don’t charge at full speed in all the ports.  A charger’s charging speed relies on its power output.

If you have devices that support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge Technology, consider using a multiport charger with more 2.1A ports than 1A ports to take full advantage of the fast-charging technology. If you can find a 2.4A multiport charger, and your devices can handle that much current, it’s even better.

RAVPower Multiport Wall Chargers feature iSmart Technology.

iSmart Technology helps identify all the plugged-in devices so the charger can use each device’s optimal charging speed. This means the charger can charge more devices within a short time while protecting them from the battery decay that overcharging and overheating cause.

Need a powerful yet affordable multiport wall charger for a large Christmas get-together? The 60-Watt RAVPower Prime 6-Port USB Type C Charger is a great option.

It comes with five iSmart ports that support fast-charging (max 5V=2.4A output) and the sixth port supports USB-C.          

If you need to charge larger devices such as a MacBook, go for the 60-Watt PD Pioneer USB-C Desktop Charger (with 5 ports). You can simultaneously charge the MacBook and four other devices using the iSmart ports. 

2.      Get a Multiport Charger That Can Charge Specific Devices

Maybe your friends have Apple devices that need a USB-C wall charger. However, you’re not sure if there will be a USB-C supporting charging station at the Christmas party. So, you get a charger that’s designed to reverse charge or a charging cable that supports USB-C to Lighting charging.

If you choose the cable, be sure to get a long one. You’ll be able to keep your devices where you can see them—away from spilled drinks, rowdy people, and messy floors.

The RAVPower USB-C to Lighting Cable is perfect for Apple devices.

You can get it with a 3-foot or a 6-foot cord and keep your devices off the floor. You can use it to charge both new and older iPhone products including the iPhone 5 series, iPod Nano/Touch, MacBook, and iPad Air/Mini/Pro. It is Apple MFi certified and can fit in your luggage. It can also withstand up to 30,000 bends.  

3. A Multiport Portable Charger Can Come In Handy This Christmas

Multiport charger underneath a tree charging a smartphone

As you enjoy party after party this Christmas, be sure to carry a portable wall charger wherever you go.

Choose a compact, lightweight, and durable multiport charger that can handle a few knocks. A charger with foldable pins, overheat-protection, and fast-charging capabilities is ideal for party-hopping.

The PD Pioneer 61W, 2-Port USB-C Wall Charger stands out for its portability.

Don’t let the “PD” label limit you; you can also use the charger to power non-PD devices. It offers full-speed charging and a 61-watt power output when the USB-C port is connected. If you connect the USB-A port, it offers up to 45 watts.

If you’re going for a Christmas get-together with your family and you’re afraid that your devices will short-circuit, overheat, or overcharge, don’t be. This multiport portable charger features Smart Charging Technology to protect your devices.

If you are celebrating Christmas outside the U.S., the PD Pioneer’s AC supports both 50Hz and 60Hz input (100V-240V 1.5A).      

4.      Get a Multiport Portable Charger Power Bank for the Road or Flight

If you prefer a multiport charger that’ll keep your devices powered on the go or when you’re off the grid, getting a multiport portable charger power bank is a smart choice.

There has been an increase in juice jacking cases at public charging ports. So, if you don’t want your charging cable to give your information to hackers or malicious third parties at airports or cafes, invest in a multiport power bank.

The RAVPower Prime 26,800mAh, 5.5A 3-Port Power Bank is a great choice.

Power bank flatlay next to a cup of coffee and Christmas decor

The 3-port power bank can charge three devices simultaneously. You’ll just need to get a 2.4A or 1A USB charging cable. It also comes with a pouch you can use to carry it. To protect your device’s battery, the power bank doesn’t support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge.

The PD Pioneer 20,000mAh 18-Watt Power Bank is also a great choice.

You can also charge three devices at the same time with it. It is scratch-resistant and comes with an LED indicator so you can tell how much power is left. And whether you take a domestic or an international flight, it supports 100V-240V input and its 74Wh rating means you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Christmas is here. Get a multiport wall charger, charge all your devices, and capture all the amazing moments.

The post Stay Connected This Christmas: A Short Guide to the Multiport Wall Charger appeared first on RAVPower.