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Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!
Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

RAVPower Q&A: We Answered Your Most Common Questions

The post RAVPower Q&A: We Answered Your Most Common Questions appeared first on RAVPower.

When it comes to charging, we have heard it all before. From questions about speeds, battery sizes, and USB ports, our awesome service team know the answers and are always happy to help. Below they have answered 10 of the most common questions fans ask us at RAVPower.


Q1: Why Does It Take so Long Time to Charge My Mobile Device?

This is depends on what activity your phone is doing. As covered in our battery saving tips post, some activity like streaming music rapidly uses your battery, while other methods like closing apps make little difference. To increase the efficiency of the charge we suggest:

  • Use the correct charging cable
  • Stop playing music and watching films
  • Turn off push notifications, email retrieval methods, or any part of the phone that is communicating with the outside world
  • Stop using your device (this is a drastic and bold choice)

View part 1 and part 2 for tips on how you can save battery power.


Fast Charging Pad Wireless Charge iPhone X RAVPower

Q2: Can Devices like a Go Pro, MP3 Player, Kindle, Camera, Earphone, Laptop, Drone, or Other Devices Be Charged?

This depends on the voltage of the connected device. Our portable chargers have a 5V output voltage which can typically charge devices from 4.5V-5.5V. A laptop has an output voltage between 11V-21V; therefore, a portable charger cannot charge a laptop.

Always check the voltage and charging current of the connected device to see if it is within the listed range. That said GoPros and Kindles can be recharged with a portable charger as can most MP3 players, headphones, cameras, and drones. Even the Nintendo Switch can be charged.


Q3: Why Did the Power Bank Recharge My Device Only Twice?

It depends on the capacity of the power bank and the battery capacity of your mobile device. A smaller sized power bank will charge your phones less times than a large sized one.


Here is how to calculate it so you know if you next power bank will provide 2, 4 or more charges:

Labeled capacity of the power bank x 3.7 / output voltage of power bank x 0.85 / battery capacity of device = Total number of recharges


If you were using a 16000mAh power bank and wanted to find out how many times you can charge your iPhone 8, you would input the formula like so:

16000 x 3.7 / 5 x 0.85 / 1821 = 7.7 charges

We can expect 7.7 recharges of the iPhone 8 from a power bank with a 16000mAh capacity.

For full details, see our full post on how many times your power bank can recharge a smart phone.


School Classroom Power Bank Charging Formula Smart Phone Cellphone


Q4: What Can I Do If the USB Port Connected Get Loose or Falls into the Portable Charger?

Please contact our customer support team at to get a FREE replacement. We also suggest that you do not pull or plug in the USB cable with extra force in order to prevent damage to the USB port.


Q5: How Many Charging Cycles Does My Portable Charger Have? What Is the Approximate Lifetime?

Most RAVPower Portable Chargers use high-density li-polymer battery cells, which can typically retain 70-80% of its power after 500 charge cycles. Considering the average person does not use it every day, you can get 2-3 solid years from a typical portable charger.


Q6: I Am Finding That My Portable Charger Does Cannot Continuously Charge My Device. What Can I Do?

Please check the following:

1) Please first confirm that there is enough battery in the portable charger

2) Please ensure you are using the original OEM charging cable or a RAVPower cable to charge your devices. You may need to pull and plug the cable a few times to ensure the IC chip registers a connection.

3) Please recharge your device with an AC charger to check whether the same problem occurs. If there are still issues, please contact our friendly RAVPower customer support team here.

Wall Charger AC Phones Quick Charge


Q7: How Long Does It Typically Take to Recharge a Portable Charger?

This depends on a few factors. This includes the size of the power bank, the type of charging cable used, how much power is currently in the power bank, and the type of charger used.

For example, a high capacity RAVPower 22000mAh Portable Charger will ordinarily take 11 – 12 to fully recharge with a 2.4A charger. However, that time can be doubled if only using a 1A charger. That time is further compacted if using cheap knockoff cables instead of the OEM or reliable charging cables.


Q8: What Should I Do If My Portable Charger Fails to Recharge?  

If it fails to charge, the portable charger or the USB cable may be defective. You can do the following:

  1. Check that the AC adapter is securely connected. If the AC adapter is securely connected, you can replace it with a new one.
    Check that the USB cable is securely connected to your power bank and device. If it is and you still have trouble, please replace it with a new cable.
    c. If there is no problem with the AC adapter or the USB cable, the portable charger may be defective. In this case, please contact our support team in order to get a replacement.


Women Charging Power Bank Portable Charger iPhones Work Table RAVPower


Q9: Can I Charge A Device At The Same Time That A Portable Charger Recharges?

The simple yet complicated answer is… maybe. Our RAVPower power banks feature pass through technology so they can be recharged while they charge your phone. However, as we said in this post on pass through technology, you should limit the amount of time you do that.


Q10: Can I Use A RAVPower Charger All Around the World?

Both the voltage for input and output of the portable charger are DC 5V, which can charge mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

As for recharging the power bank, it depends whether the input voltage of the AC charger is compatible with the country you are travelling to.

For quick reference:
• Japan: AC 100V
• USA, Canada, Mexico: AC 120V
• Brazil, China, Hong Kong: AC 220V
• India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and most countries in Europe: AC 230V

However, nearly all AC chargers these days are 100V-240V, so they can be used all around the world without issues.


Ready to be a charging expert? RAVPower’s new 16750mAh Portable Charger is now 20%. Follow this link and click the coupon box.

Do you have a question for RAVPower that was not asked? Let us know in the comments below.

The post RAVPower Q&A: We Answered Your Most Common Questions appeared first on RAVPower.

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