Power Banks Keep Drone Batteries Fully Charged for Longer

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Whether you fly drones as a hobbyist or for professional reasons (RGB mapping, aerial photography etc.), you’ll agree it’s sometimes a challenge to keep them in the air as long as you’d like. Flight times vary widely based on factors like speed, height above sea level and the number of accessories in use, meaning even experienced pilots have to keep a close eye on the battery gauge. These days, more users are turning to power banks to charge their drone batteries. Bringing a substantial power source with you on your excursions guarantees your flight time won’t be abruptly cut short—and lessens the likelihood of having to hunt through the bush when your drone unexpectedly plummets to earth.

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About Drone Batteries

Each model of drone will have its own custom battery—not only do custom drone batteries open up greater design possibilities, but they also ensure that customers will have to purchase their replacements from the original manufacturer. With that said, most drones use modern LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries, just like those in phones and laptops. Compared to previous battery technology (nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydride for example), LiPos are able to maintain very high energy density. This means they can store more power at a time, which is key for achieving reasonable intervals between charges for energy-intensive tech.

Drone batteries can be susceptible to fire, and over time they will begin to lose the high end of their capacity. LiPo batteries should not be kept at 100% charge, as this hastens the degradation. Both of these issues can be mitigated by sticking to quality, compatible products.

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Why Use Power Banks For Drones?

We’ve written before about the protections high-quality power banks offer, which prevent overcharging and automatically reduce dangerous temperatures. Drone users will often pack backup batteries for longer trips, but power banks can also capably meet this need. Rather than depleting your main drone battery all the way to 0% before switching to your backup (which both damages the battery and lengthens recharge cycles), you can switch them out regularly and keep both in the 20% – 80% safe zone. If you’re using your phone or tablet as a controller, you can also keep it plugged into your portable charger as you go, with the bank either in your pocket or a backpack.

Our latest high performance power banks are compatible with the AC output favored by most drone manufacturers, and with a huge 27000mAh capacity they’re good for several drone battery charges and many hours of flight. They’re also capable of charging multiple devices at once, with smart technology to safely manage the power demands of each.

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Fly Without Limits

It’s always advisable to test out how much flight time you get on a single charge before taking your drone out on a long excursion. Most manufacturers refuse to give an estimate of the flight time you can expect with a new drone battery simply because there are so many variables that go into performance. Even if your particular model isn’t built for a (figurative) trans-Atlantic journey, a good portable charger will help you make it wherever you need to go.


Have you tried using a portable charger to extend your drone’s battery life? Let us know about your experiences in the comments!


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The post Power Banks Keep Drone Batteries Fully Charged for Longer appeared first on RAVPower.