Here’s How You Know If You Should Replace Your iPhone Battery

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There is a good chance you have heard that Apple is intentionally throttling older devices that have older batteries suffering decreases in performance. While their reasoning behind this decision makes sense since older phones cannot handle some contents in new updates, Apple was accused of intentionally forcing users to upgrade their phones. As a result, this juicy story of a mammoth corporation messing over the little guys spread across the news and sparked an uproar in digital circles.

After losing a lot of faith in casual and even die-hard fans, Apple has set to remedy this disaster by offering discounted battery replacements at just $29 USD. Anyone with an iPhone 6 or later can purchase a replacement battery anytime in 2018, which will make your phone feel brand spanking new. Moreover, without shelling out $1000 on a new model, who are we to complain?

So now that you know the problem and the solution given by Apple, how can you tell whether you should replace your iPhone battery or not?

Watch For These Common Signs

The first and easiest thing to do is simply watch out for some of the most common signs of a weak or depleting battery. This includes:

  • Your phone dying frequently and at times when it shouldn’t.
  • Losing its charge quicker than usual.
  • Your device charging slowly.
  •  The phone glitching/skipping when going from screen to screen and more.

These don’t always mean that the battery is bad, they may instead simply prompt you to change your battery. If you really want to know for sure whether your battery needs replacing, you need to go into the Settings menu and then into Battery.

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Digging Deep

If your phone is approaching or has passed 500 completed charges (or is less than 80% of its original capacity), a warning message will be at the top of the page alerting that your battery may need to be serviced. This doesn’t mean it needs replacing, but will often mean you may begin to start experiencing problems, so replacing it wouldn’t hurt.

Using Apps

If you are after a detailed look as to whether you need to replace your iPhone battery, then head to the App Store and download CPU Dasher X. This handy app will give you access to your CPU frequency. It is not as scary as it sounds. What this will show is the speed that your phones processor reaches. Compare the number you see in the app to the regular number for a functioning iPhone (which can be found here). If yours is much lower, it means you need to get yourself down to your nearest Apple store to take advantage of this deal.  When you replace the battery, the CPU frequency should be back to normal and your phone and battery should be good for another few years. Another good app to check out is Battery Doctor, which is a popular app to monitor battery health and performance.

How to replace an old iPhone battery, and how much will it cost

Are You Ready To Replace Your iPhone Battery?

So how do you take advantage of this “replace your iPhone battery” deal currently being put on my Apple? Well, you need to have an iPhone 6 or newer (RAVPower users have reported that the iPhone SE is also accepted). Then tests performed by Apple must show that your current battery has degraded by 20% or more – so don’t think you can just get a new battery if yours is fine. This deal will only be offered until the end of 2018 and then the price for a battery replacement will increase from the current $29 price, back to $79. Good news though, no matter where you are in the world, this deal is available to iPhone customers worldwide.

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Have you taken advantage of Apple’s battery replacement? If not, do you plan on replacing your iPhone battery?

The post Here’s How You Know If You Should Replace Your iPhone Battery appeared first on RAVPower.