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Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

The Tools and Ways for Fast Charging the 2019 iPad Air and iPad mini

Do you need fast charging in your life? Of course, you do! Who wants to wait around longer than necessary for electronic devices to get charged? And, if you’re a businessperson with a hectic schedule, many devices, and lots of emails and messages to read and send, fast charging becomes even more crucial to your daily routine.

Let’s explore fast charging in detail — 2019 iPad mini fast charging. What exactly is it? And what products could bring fast charging into your life?

Turbocharging Your Charging

The primary way to fast charge a device is to plug it into an adapter with a greater voltage or amperage than a standard adapter has. (The standard electrical measurement for an adapter is 5V/1A.) Of course, you also need a device that can take in the extra power that fast charging requires. Some devices just aren’t capable of being fast charged; no matter an adapter’s voltage or amperage, they’ll power up at a relatively slow rate.

Beyond having a device and an adapter with fast charging capabilities, there are a few tricks and techniques that you can use to speed up your charging. Below are a few of them, and we’ll focus on the methods for fast charging the 2019 iPad specifically.

Some Fast Charging Tips

1. Airplane Mode

Have you ever set your iPad to airplane mode? If you haven’t, airplane mode simply turns off all the device’s wireless capabilities. Doing so conserves energy, which is often helpful to people who are taking long trips — hence the name.

When you want to use this setting, just go to the Home screen, swipe upwards, and tap the little airplane symbol on the status bar. You’ll immediately be in airplane mode.

Obviously, there are times when you need to email people or do other activities on the internet, and airplane mode won’t be helpful to you. In such a situation, merely switching off your location settings and dimming your screen can accelerate your charging a little bit.

2. Turn the iPad Off

Here’s another simple idea: Turn off your iPad mini or iPad Air just before you start to charge it. Again, there are times when you won’t be able to do this because you’ll need to keep working on your iPad. But when you can turn the device off, it’ll charge faster because there won’t be any apps or other functions running.

3. Be Cool

If your iPad is starting to feel very warm when you touch it, you could try to cool it down. Extra heat can prolong the charging process.

One method is to bring your iPad to a room in your home or workplace that’s a few degrees cooler. Or, if the tablet is directly in the sunlight, you could move it to a shady spot. Just don’t cool any electronic device too drastically all at once. And don’t ever put your tablet in a refrigerator! Doing so could lead to water condensation, and that moisture could damage the device.

It can make a difference if you take your iPad’s case off before you charge it. Without a case on, the device will stay a bit cooler as it charges.

The Right Products to Buy for Fast Charging

Even though all the pointers above can help, the most effective way to attain fast charging is to purchase the right products. And you don’t have to find something about how to charge iPad quickly everywhere on the Internet. Instead, you can simply turn to ESR.

Here are just a few of the items the company produces that are high in quality and ideal for making your fast charging fantasies come true.

1. The ESR 6.6ft/2m USB 3.0 to USB-C Cable

This copper wire cable with nylon shielding works with any device that has a USB Type-C (or USB-C) port. It can transmit data as well as electricity at super high speeds.

2. The ESR 10,000 mAh PD Portable Power Bank

If you’ve ever used the original 5V/1A adapter from Apple, you’ll be happy to know that this newer power bank is three times as fast. It has two ports so that you can charge a USB and a USB-C device at the same time for greater efficiency. Moreover, this adapter was designed to be taken out on the road. It’s light and compact, making it just right for frequent business travelers.

In fact, this power bank if so efficient that you could charge devices on it for at least 10,000 hours straight. For sure, that’s a steadfast product!

Best of all, this portable power bank from ESR is extremely safe to use. It will protect you from short circuits, overheating, and potentially dangerous electrical surges.

3. The ESR 30W PD Wall Charger

Just like the ESR power bank above, the ESR 30W PD Wall Charger has two ports so that you can fast charge one device while simultaneously charging another device at a standard speed. And this product likewise offers a minimum of 10,000 continuous charging hours.

An especially terrific feature of this wall charger is its integrated circuit chip. What does it do? Well, when you plug in a device, this computer chip can figure out the ideal amount of power for that particular item. As a result, you’ll always get the fastest possible charging speeds.

Package Deals From ESR

Keep in mind that ESR sells many of its charging products in packages. These bundles provide convenience and even greater affordability. For example, the ESR 7.5W/10W Fast Wireless Charging Combo is a sweet package that comes with a wall charger, a cable, and a wireless charger.

As you can see, iPad fast charging is easy to achieve. Yes, whenever you’re seeking iPad fast charging products like a tool for 2019 iPad Air fast charging.  you can count on the functionality and sturdiness of ESR. This company has all the fast charging equipment for iPad, iPhone, and Android that you’ll ever need.

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