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Welcome to Gadget King Asia, the webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on displayed.
Should you require further assistance please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

The Best iPad Air and iPad mini Screen Proctector in 2019

If you are buying a new iPad, it is also time to search the internet for screen protectors for new iPad 2019. Apple recently released the new 2019 iPad Air and the new iPad Mini. Both devices come with some technical and aesthetic updates that their predecessors lack. Unlike the previous Mini, the new tablet comes with a much faster A12 bionic processor, which greatly improves its performance. Also, it comes with a standard 64 gigabytes of storage or the option to double that for an extra $100.

The new 2019 iPad Air is more similar to the old iPad Pro than the previous iPad Air with its pencil charging design and inclusion of premium features. In comparison with the previous iPad Air model, the screen of the 2019 model is almost an inch larger. Since you want to protect your new iPad properly and make it last as long as possible, it is important to purchase a high-quality screen protector that fits properly. There are special screen protectors that fit the new iPad Mini and Air products.

Older Versus Newer iPad Mini and iPad Air Screen Protector

With the iPad Air screen protector, the most significant difference is the larger size. You cannot use an older protector on the new model and have it fit properly. Many types of older screen protectors are not optimized to preserve HD quality, and some types that are not thicker glass are prone to bubbling.

For the iPad Mini, screen protectors from the Generation 4 model may still fit. However, some brands may not be designed to preserve HD qualities, resist shattering or resist bubbling. Although a protective film cover is often chosen by iPad owners, it is not an ideal solution for protecting the device or preserving visual quality. The ideal choice is a newer style that will preserve graphic quality and is made from shatter-proof tempered glass.

Top iPad Mini 5 Screen Protectors for 2019

Although there are a few well-known brands and many smaller manufacturers that sell screen protectors for the new 2019 iPad Mini, these are some of the top choices among consumers:

  • Moshi iVisor is designed to preserve and promote maneuverability.

  • InvisibleShield Glass is known for its oil-resistant coating and touch sensitivity.

  • Urban Armor Gear is known for staying in place.

  • ESR is known for quality and reliability.

ESR just released an iPad Mini 5 screen protector that also fits the iPad Mini 4. This upgraded tempered glass product is designed to fit the Mini 5 and Mini 4 perfectly at every edge. Installation is easy and involves attaching the screen with an applicator, which is included. The triple-strength glass goes through a more rigorous manufacturing process that makes it stronger and more resilient. Like its predecessors, ESR’s latest Mini screen protector has a surface that resists oil, stains and liquids. The scratch-proof glass is clear and highly transparent, which means that it preserves the integrity of HD graphics. While the glass is thicker than most other protectors, it still preserves touch quality and sensitivity.

Top iPad Air Screen Protectors for 2019

In the previous section, some of the top screen protector manufacturers that were mentioned for the Mini also make protectors for the iPad Air models. They are all common choices for owners of iPad Air tablets. There are a few other competitors that people often choose when they buy an Air screen protector. In addition to ESR and the brands listed previously, these are some examples:

  • Targus is known for its impact-resistant designs that resist shattering and cracking.

  • Anker is known for double-strength tempered glass.

  • Olixar is known for its anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch qualities.

Many companies have not yet released a new 2019 iPad Air screen protector. Due to its size, a screen protector for the 2019 Air will also fit the iPad Pro 10.5. ESR just released an upgraded iPad Air 2019 tempered glass screen protector that fits the latest Air perfectly. Like the protector for the new Mini, it also has anti-oil and anti-scratch qualities. The triple-strength tempered glass is stronger than that of most competitors. Also, it is thick enough that it will not bubble. Touch sensitivity is preserved and is equal to the original screen. Additionally, the HD graphic preservation benefit ensures that your photos and videos look clear without creating a glare. The protector is simple to install and comes with an applicator that can easily be clipped onto the screen.

If you are searching for cheap protectors for new iPad 2019, you do not have to choose something with mediocre quality to get a good price. ESR also offers discounts for students and has sales frequently. On ESR’s website, you can also find plenty of other accessories such as ear buds, hard shell cases, folio covers and charging devices for your new iPad Mini or iPad Air.

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