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Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

The 4 Best iPhone 11/XR Screen Protectors from ESR

It is not enough to get a good case cover for your new iPhone 11 or XR; you have to take steps to protect its screen too. If not, you might just be exposing this delicate part to fingerprints, cracks, and dust – all of which can send your precious smartphone to its early grave. Good enough, both iPhone 11 and XR have exactly the same screen size (5.94inch x 2.98inch). So, the screen protector that fits one will definitely fit the other. ESR has some fantastic collections of screen protectors in this wise, and we shall review 4 of the best for you. Now that we’re about to start, gird your loins as we take off.

  1. iPhone 11/XR Tempered Glass Screen Protector – $10.99

  • Bubble-Free Installation Kit
  • 5X Stronger
  • Face ID Compatible
  • Protection for your iPhone 11/XR’s FLAT touchscreen

Make your iPhone 11/XR’s screen five times stronger and resistant to external force with this Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It is so strong that it can neutralize the effect of a 22lbs weight or force resting on it. And with this kind of strength, it does not hamper or obstruct the regular functions of your device’s touchscreen. You can pretty much install and uninstall any case cover with it too. This screen protector comes with a sticker for removing dust and one cleaning cloth to ensure that with a proper wet wipe, your iPhone screen is free from dirt or dust which can cause bubbles while installing the protector. Grab this protector now and stay off future regrets.

  1. iPhone 11/XR Tempered Glass Full Coverage Screen Protector – $14.99

  • The screen protector provides the maximum protection
  • Easy Installation
  • 5X Stronger
  • Face ID Compatible

For maximum protection for your iPhone 11/XR, this full-coverage protector is another option you may want to check out. Its uniqueness from the Tempered Glass Screen Protector above is the installation frame that it has. Save for that, their features and functions are similar. Install this touchscreen protector to your iPhone and enjoy five times protection from damages. It can withstand as much as 22 lbs of force on the screen. While installing, you have the installation frame, which helps you to properly place the protector on the screen and arrive at a clean installation. Before installing, you can clean your iPhone’s flat touchscreen with the cleaning cloth that comes with it. Similarly, it does not interfere with the Face ID feature of your device, as it has been precisely cut.

  1. iPhone XR Full Coverage Protection Bundle – $28.88

  • Full-coverage protection
  • Edge-to-edge phone protection
  • 9H tempered glass helps to absorb impact
  • Easy to install and remove

This is more than just a screen guard; it is a bundle comprising a cover case and two screen protectors. Hence, the price has to go up significantly more than the others. The case offers an end to end protection for your iPhone XR, while the glass protector is tempered and offers a 3D covering to the iPhone 11/XR screen, without leaving any aspect behind. Get this total package and be assured of maximum protection for your iPhone XR or 11.

  1. iPhone 11 Camera Lens Protector– $8.99

  • For the iPhone 11 camera lens.
  • Bubble and Hassle-Free
  • Ultra-Thin with HD Clarity
  • Scratch Protection

Hurray! Now, your camera lens can also be free from those embarrassing dirt and dust. Get this specially crafted, ultra-slim lens protector for your darling iPhone 11. It is just about 0.15mm thick and highly transparent (99%). As such, it leaves your image quality unscathed. Let your device experience all-round protection from scratches, cracks, drops, and other damages by using this 9H-tempered, but flexible glass lens protector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I install the screen protector myself, and how?

A: Absolutely, you can. Most of these iPhone screen protectors come with their kits and instructions on how to go about their installation. So, if you are cool about following a few instructions, you can DIY without any hitch. However, if you are concerned that something can go wrong while installing the screen guard, a friend or your phone vendor can help out.

The installation of the iPhone 11/XR is usually in three steps. The first is for you to clean your phone’s screen with the cleaning cloth if the phone is not brand new. Ensure that the screen is devoid of dirt or dust. The second step is to place the glass protector on your phone’s screen while ensuring the proper orientation. Finally, you have to get rid of the bubbles by gently applying some compressional forces with your hand.

Q: Will the camera lens protector make my image blurred?

A: No, it won’t. The manufacturer has ensured that the lens’ protector is not only ultra-thin but also very transparent. So, your photos will be as quality as ever.

Q: How do I protect my iPhone screen from not responding to touch?

A: Get is a screen protector – preferably a 3D one. Ensure that you don’t place heavy objects on your iPhone or sit on it while it is in your back pocket. Of course, you should take your phone away from all liquids, especially those with corrosive powers.

Final Wrap

It behooves you to give your iPhone XR/11 the necessary protection once you make the purchase. That is how to enjoy its features for long. And in most cases, the screen is the most susceptible part of this premium handset. So, getting any of these ESR iPhone XR/11 screen protectors should be a rule and not an exception.

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