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Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

iPad Charing Slowly? How to Make your iPad Air,iPad mini Charging Faster and Better

Here’s a tough situation to be in: You must use your iPad Air or iPad mini right away. Maybe you have to read an email from your supervisor or access a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting. However, your tablet needs juice. You plug it in, and you see your iPad charging slowly — very slowly. At this point, you might start to panic.

How could you avoid these tense circumstances in the future? How can you get your charging up to speed?

Fortunately, fast charging for iPad device can be yours to enjoy. But what’s the best iPad mini or iPad Air fast charging way to go?

Well, here are some common problems that interfere with tablet charging and some corrective steps you can take.

Common Problems for iPad Charing

1. Your Tablet Is On

Do you use your iPad when it’s charging? If so, it can make the charging process take longer. Therefore, turn it off before you plug it in.

2. Your Batteries Are Worn Out

Verify that your iPad’s batteries aren’t dead or dying. Change them if they are.

3. You’re Not Using a Wall Outlet

Charge iPad Air,mini,Pro directly from an electrical wall outlet. Don’t rely on another source such as a power bank. They’re not a fast charging way for iPad Air, mini, Pro. If you’re using a wall outlet and your iPad is still charging slowly, try another outlet just to make sure the problem isn’t with that particular outlet.

4. Your iPad Is Physically Damaged

It’s possible that your iPad is broken. For example, maybe you dropped it on a hard floor once or twice. If you suspect that’s the case, you should take it to an Apple Store or another technology shop. See if someone there can repair it. If not, you might need to replace your tablet.

5. Your Port Is Clogged Up

Your iPad’s charging port might be obstructed by dirt, dust, or other particles. Turn off your iPad and look into this opening with a flashlight or a magnifying glass. If you see some type of material in there, you might try to take it out with tweezers, a toothpick, or a small brush. If you don’t feel confident doing so, an Apple Store employee could help you.

6. Your Software Is Causing Problems

Your iPad’s software can interfere with its charging, especially if you have lots of applications or if one of those apps is corrupt. Your apps can soak up large amounts of power.

You could try solving software-related snags in a few different ways:

  • Reboot your iPad, which should get rid of harmful programs and apps.

  • Install the latest version of iOS, which should fix any security flaws the previous version had.

  • Delete any apps you don’t need.

If all else fails, try a factory reset, which will revert your iPad’s system to the way it was when you bought it. Back up everything you’ve saved before the reset, though. This action will erase your data.

7. You Need New Charging Products

Be sure that the adapter you’re using is designed for your particular iPad. Don’t use, for instance, an iPhone adapter to charge an iPad Air. That adapter can’t deliver the power your iPad Air requires at a fast rate.

You should also check your cord as it might need replacing. Cables can easily fray over time. Thus, they become less effective at transmitting electricity.

How ESR Technology of Fast Charging Can Help You

When it comes to phone and tablet accessories, ESR Technology is a true global leader. Its products are long-lasting and high in quality. They are also specially designed for convenience and ease of use.

ESR offers a range of affordable charging products for iPads. They include cables, adapters, and wall chargers. They’re very safe to use, and they’re engineered to avoid overheating and short-circuiting while still offering the fastest speeds possible.


ESR’s cables have protective insulation and premium casing. As a result, they’re not only reliable, but they feel sturdy when you hold them. On top of that, ESR’s adapters are friendly to the environment, and they resist scratching and rusting. They transmit data with the utmost accuracy and speed. And, as a bonus, they come with a strap for easy transport.

The fast wall iPad Air, mini charger from ESR, meanwhile, is compact and lightweight. It uses a computer chip to calculate exactly how much power it can provide a device without overloading it. This charger can extend your iPad’s battery life as well. Plus, you’ll be able to charge your tablet in about a third of the time with this item.

ESR’s chargers, cables, and adapters are all available on commercial websites. With these products in tow, your trusty iPad will be powered up before you know it. Then you can get back to living your best digital life.

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