Best 9 Google Pixel 4 Cases in 2019

Posted by ESR-Guo Peng on

The Google Pixel 4 is getting closer, at least if you take into account the calendar that Mountain View has followed so far the company will present Google Pixel 4 on October 15.

The protective cases are more than an accessory to protect and preserve your phone against drops, bumps and spills; The variety of designs and functions that they provide allow you, in addition to personalizing them, to extend the use you give them. Here are some of the protective case options for the Google Pixel 4 phone:

  1. Pixel 4 Appro Slim Soft Case – $12.99
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Matte Finish
  • Precise Cutouts

You can Pixel 4 Appro Slim Soft Case with a matte finish and silky texture. The design is ultra-thin, soft to the touch and made matte finish and fingerprint resistant surface. The edge is slightly raised to prevent both the camera and the back of the screen from being hit in the event of a fall. For an elegant case, there is nothing better than a black finish with a mosaic, and that is precisely the case selected to give the terminal sobriety.

  1. Pixel 4 Metal Kickstand Case – $18.99
  • Soft TPU:
  • Two-Way Stand:
  • Multiple Viewing Angles
  • Screen and Camera Protection
  • Supports Wireless Charging

One of the best options to protect your Google Pixel 4 is a Metal Kickstand Case. This case is designed for your Google Pixel 4 mobile to resist any blow, as it protects all its elements, corners, screen and keypads. Its multiple angle support and the metal kickstand keeps the mobile safely, and that serves as a support for viewing multimedia content. It provides extra protection to the mobile screen and camera and adds extra thickness in the corners to protect it, especially against falls.

  1. Sentinel Google Pixel 4 Case – $25.99

Sentinel offers a protective layer protective flexible and texture TPU body. The soft TPU helps absorb bumps and drops, the outer hard plastic case, meanwhile, keeps and holds the phones securely. The best thing about this protective case is its elegant design and convenient access to all functions, cameras, speakers, buttons and ports. The brightness and colour will give presence to your phone.

  1. Pixel 4 Makeup Glitter Case – $13.99
  • Glamorous Style
  • 3-Layer Feature
  • Screen and Camera Protection
  • Precise Cutouts

Pixel 4 Makeup Glitter Case is the most appropriate for mobile protection. This case for the Google Pixel 4 allows you to see the design of the terminal and is specially designed to protect sensitive elements of the terminal such as your camera and screen. The case mainly contains 3 layers outer, centre and inner for making the user experience more comfortable. With Pixel 4 Makeup Glitter Case show off your mobile style with reinforcement in the corners, and being transparent from the centre, allows you to enjoy the design.

  1. Carbon Fibre Google Pixel 4 Case – $16.99

The Carbon Fibre protective case features proven military defence, double protection cover and reinforced barriers in the inner and outer corners specially designed to protect your phone from both sides against falls, maintaining a slim and elegant profile.

This case prevents the watermark or the rainbow effect on the back of the device, which gives you a clear view at all times. Undoubtedly, a cover designed for strong absorption of impacts, falls, bumps and accidental scratches for better protection.

If what you are looking for is total protection of the screen, this case is ideal, since its cover will cover the entire panel, with a premium finish that, feel good at your hands.

  1. Pixel 4 Mimic Tempered Glass Case – $18.99
  • Glass that Lasts
  • Looks and Feels Great
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Shock-Resistant
  • Compatibility

Pixel 4 Mimic Tempered Glass Case designed to offer total protection. Available with 9H tempered glass and flexible TPU frame that protects your Google Pixel 4 at all levels, in addition to having a hybrid structure effect so that you can feel your phone with a comfortable grip. Pixel 4 Mimic Tempered Glass Case protects the terminal to the maximum, gives an excellent feeling at hand, and also has a shock-resistant to protect your phone from drops and impacts.

  1. Leather-Style Google Pixel 4 Wallet Case – $12.99

This Leather-Style wallet case is somewhat more original and contains 2 interior slip pockets. It allows protecting the Google Pixel 4 while you use its compartments to store money or credit cards. It has pockets which are deep and generous enough for accommodation. It has been designed for those who travel a lot and want a regular purse and wallet for storing important cards.

  1. Pixel 4 Essential Zero Slim Clear Soft TPU Case – $11.99

Pixel 4 Essential Zero Slim has a protective case made of soft TPU, which is crystalline and has reinforced corner stops. It is light and thin, so it does not add volume to the phone. The best thing about this protective case is its air guard corners, its additional screen edge and its raised microdot patterns keep the screen and camera away from flat surfaces and keep the phone look great.

  1. NovaShield Google Pixel 4 Bumper Case – $16.99

NovaShield Google Pixel 4 Bumper Case protective case is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate and flexible TPU to ensure Pixel 4 design. On the other hand, its precise cuts are made of precision mouldings. Its protection does not affect the response function of the screen. The best thing about this protective case is that its high-edge design guarantees additional protection for the screen, so you have complete protection that other cases do not offer.


All the designs that we have selected, for Google Pixel 4 are based on its dimensions and the external elements it offers (its sensors and camera). By the way, to find the model that fits your tastes is difficult; therefore, we have chosen models, so you have not limited. We are offering a completely safe and protective cover for your mobile terminals. The cases have the virtue of offering great quality due to both its finish and perfectly designed. And, in addition, they are not especially expensive, which is always very positive.