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Welcome to Gadget King Asia! Our webpage is still under going changes, not all products are on display.
Should you require further assistance, please call us at (+65) 9643 1165. We thank you for your patience!

Best 6 Switch Lite Protective Carrying Cases of 2019

The Nintendo Switch Lite is designed to play in mobility; in fact, it only allows the portable game mode. So if the idea is to use it on a trip, on the street or in the waiting, it is worth protecting against falls, bumps or scratches to keep it in perfect condition.

For making your Switch Lite safe and protective, you should use covers, cases and bags to use and transport compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite that offer different types of protection.

1. Essential Switch Lite Protective Case – $12.99

  • Compatibility
  • Get a grip
  • Premium protection
  • Clear and lightweight
  • Sung fit

This Essential Switch Lite Protective Case for Nintendo Switch is made of premium TPU material, which makes the quality of the case high, as well as resistant. This accessory provides a comfortable grip and contains inside elastic bands to prevent the console from getting out or moving, thus strengthening it so that it does not suffer any damage. In addition to the above, it offers space for ports and controls.

However, although it is important to protect the console to go outside, inside the house, you can also suffer some damage, so if you want a cheap cover for it, which we are talking about is the best option. The Essential Switch Lite Protective Case made of TPU, which, in case you fall, will prevent scratching or hitting.

2. BUBM Switch Lite Carrying Case – $15.99

BUBM Switch Lite Carrying Case supports for SD cards. It is quite compact, but you can still use the inside pocket to add a pair of headphones or some wrist straps, etc. With comfort. A velcro strap is present to hold the screen lid down.

It is made of hard EVA shell and is solid and durable. However, there is no space to store the AC adapter or docking station in this case. The exterior is made of thin fabric, and the interior is a rigid housing to ensure that the console receives adequate protection.

3. Switch Lite Carrying Case – $10.99

  • Compatibility
  • High capacity storage
  • Organized & Secure
  • Durable protection

Switch Lite Carrying Case offers space to store games and micro SD cards in specific rigid holes. It may be that the purse type transport bag. The protective case offers the right and necessary space for you to store your console in a way that reminds you of the wallets.

You can take your Nintendo Switch to the complete trip without suffering any damage, and the best is undoubtedly the one manufactured by ESR. With this travel bag, you can store both your Nintendo Switch and the dock, the power adapter, the charging cable, and micro SD cards.

4. HEATFUN Protective Case – $12.99

HEATFUN Protective Case helps maintain its portability while keeping it protected against scratches. In addition, if you can see the top, it has a special space for sticks, that way you could prevent them from moving when going in bags or backpacks.

So if you are interested in acquiring one of these consoles, it is a very good case. Also, remember that this console provides many functionalities as the home version. You can also replace the controls with HEATFUN Protective Case.


5. Ivoler Switch Lite Carrying Case – $13.99

Ivoler is one that is for the Switch Lite and provides card slots for games. It consists of a hard and resistant outer casing that can perfectly protect the Nintendo Switch console. There is storage space for a Switch and controller along with game cartridges.

There is also a small name of the brand in the centre. The case also makes use of the brand name. The case comes with a zipper that facilitates its transport.

6. JETech Switch Lite Protective Case – $16.99

JETech comes in an elegant profile and offers optimal resistance. The colour is black and is backed by a warranty. The construction is a double layer of Flexible TPU, consisting of an external hard shell with a practical flip bag. However, if you have put a protective cover over the Nintendo Switch, it may fit into the cutout in the case. There is also no space available to store the power cord.


If you just got your Nintendo Switch Lite game console, then you also need protective cases and protectors so that the screen is not damaged. The best part of Nintendo Switch is that it is flexible. It is a portable game console, as well as a living room console. It is worth spending the money to better enjoy your games in protective carrying cases.

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