Best 10 Google Pixel 4 XL Cases, Don’t Miss It!

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Google is planning to release a new device tomorrow 15th October 2019; the Pixel 4 XL. It is true that this will not be the first time people are seeing this phone, the day will just mark its official release to the market. The launch will be held in New York.

It is a powerful device, that one we are sure about. And we know that you certainly will need the Pixel Cases to protect your device. We have gone ahead of time and compile a list of 10 such cases that will do a great job in protecting the device. Alongside the protection you get, such cases give your device a better look; you will love to try them out.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best such cases:

  1. Pixel 4 XL Essential Zero Slim Clear Soft TPU Case$11.99
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This casing is appearing first in our list for a good reason;

It comes in a sleek design that is lightweight. It thus offers protection without adding weight on your device. Its thickness is just 1mm.

Alongside the sleek design, it features TPU yellowing resistance giving the casing a lasting clear and transparent look.

The case also protects the screen and camera from scratching; it makes this possible courtesy of its raised edges. As well, the case features air-guard on the corners that absorbs shock every time your device falls.

  1. Pixel 4 XL Mimic Tempered Glass Case$18.99

Next on our list is Pixel 4 XL Mimic Tempered Glass Case, a casing that is compatible with Google’s Pixel 4 XL phone.

When you consider this device, you get the following features:

Outstanding look and feel: this casing is made of glass. It gives you phone a whole new look, placing it in the rank of the high-end phones out there. It also offers a comfortable grip securing the phone in your palm.

Long-lasting glass: the glass that this device is made of is hybrid. It is made of 9H tempered glass with TPU frames which are flexible. This glass also makes this casing resistant to scratch. Alongside that, the hard glass air-guarded corners make this case resistant to shock.

  1. Pixel 4 XL Appro Slim Soft Case$12.99

You also will love what Pixel 4 XL Appro Slim Soft Case has to offer for your new Pixel 4 XL. It comes with the following features:

Seamless design and lightweight: It comes in a seamless design, ultra-slim that people won’t even realise that you have a casing.

It is resistant to scratch, and you will not have to worry about everyday wear and tear. You will also like the casing’s matte finish that offers the product a silky look and a surface that is entirely resistant to fingerprints.

On top of that, you need not worry about how to access the ports on your device as the casing features correct cutouts.

  1. Ringke Fusion X Designed for Google Pixel 4 XL Case – £16.99

One feature that you love with Ringke Fusion X is the comfortable grip that its exterior rugged surface presents.

The other features this case comes along with is the screen and camera protection, slim design and its durability. It also comes with built-in holes for ease of handling. You sure will love to try out this Pixel 4 XL in your new phone; it is worth it.

  1. Pixel 4 XL Metal Kickstand Case$18.99

Then we have Pixel 4 XL Metal Kickstand Case; a casing custom-made to meet all your needs for a case.

When you consider this case, you give yourself an opportunity to enjoy wireless charging on your device, enjoy camera and screen protection and other unique features such as the ability to have multiple views from different angles in your device. Yes, this casing offers all you ever would need; all with competitive pricing.

  1. Pixel 4 XL Makeup Glitter Case$13.99

Pixel 4 XL Makeup Glitter Case is perfect for you if you are looking for something unique and beautiful. It is not just a casing that will protect your Pixel 4 XL but also make your phone stand out of the crowd; it comes with sparkles that glitter.

Just like the rest of the cases above, this one too will protect your phone screen and camera courtesy of its raised edges. The case is made of 3 layers, enhancing its strength.

  1. ELTD Case for Google Pixel 4 XL Case Not on the shelf

This is yet another of the best cases for Google Pixel 4 XL. You will love its sleek design and the precise cutouts that allow you to access its ports effortlessly; you will be able to charge the device without removing the casing, adjust your speaker and even access the camera. On top of that, the case is also resistant to scratch and last longer. Place your order today.

  1. TiMOVO Cover Designed for Google Pixel 4 XL Case – AED 44.99

TiMOVO Cover Designed for Google Pixel 4 XL Case is transparent and will remain this way all through. It was designed to protect your phone from drops and shock, keeping your phone new ever. It is light in weight and thus will not add much extra weight on your new phone. It also features precise cutouts, and you will never have difficulties accessing the ports.

  1. Temdan Designed for Google Pixel 4 XL Case

This is yet another of the best cases perfect for Pixel 4 XL.

The casing comes in a slim design, which is transparent and resistant to scratch. It allows wireless charging and you will not need to remove the casing every time you would like to charge your device. Its ports are also precise, allowing you to perform any operation flawlessly.

  1. Google Pixel 4XL Case, Topnow Clear Design Plastic Hard Back with TPU Bumper Protective Cover – Grass

For those of you looking not just for a casing but an opportunity to give a new look to your Google Pixel 4 XL, this is the casing for you.

The exterior is made in a way that makes you have a confident grip and has a pattern that looks great.

With the design, this case is not so thin but has moderate thickness. This comes with enhanced protection to your device upon drops or any possible shock.

Which one would you like to try it out with your brand new Google Pixel 4 XL?